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Obituaries of James Allen

Death of Mr. James Allen

Ilfracombe Chronicle, January 27th, 1912

Widespread regret will be felt at the comparatively sudden death, at the age of 47, of Mr. James Allen, who passed away on Wednesday at his residence, Bryngoleu, Broad Park Avenue. The deceased had only been ill about a week. Mr. Allen was at one time Secretary to Mr. Sidney Beard, founder of the "Golden Age," who lived in Ilfracombe for awhile, and removed to Paignton. After leaving Mr. Beard, Mr. Allen went to Bath for a time, and came to llfracombe about 12 years ago. He was a man of retiring disposition, and took no part at all in public affairs. He started in November, 1905, a "Brotherhood,...whose object was the extending of the empire of righteousness. Its press organ was The Epoch (formerly The Light of Reason,) and it had members in all parts of the world.

Mr. Allen was a cultured writer, with a facile pen and a command of choice language. In addition to his detached articles, which appeared in several publications, he wrote more than a dozen books of poems and essays. These were marked by very high ethical teaching, and some of them have secured a wide circulation, especially in America, where they were better known than in England. Chief of them are From Poverty to Power, Byways of Blessedness, As a man thinketh (this is considered his best work) and his latest book is The Eight Pillars of Prosperity.

Mr. Allen, who was a total abstainer and a vegetarian, was a very firm believer in the cause of Peace, and a profound lover of all that belongs to the beauty of the world of nature. He will leave the record of a sincere and earnest life, which had the one desire to do as much good as possible to the minds and hearts of men.

Mr. Allen leaves a widow and one daughter. Mrs. Allen is also well-known as an author, and will command the sympathy of all in her severe loss.

The body of the deceased will, by his desire, be taken to Leicester for cremation, and it is also desired that no flowers shall be sent.


An Appreciation (Communicated)

As the day was beginning to dawn on Wednesday, there passed from the midst of us a spirit such as few of his fellow townsmen realized as their possession. Mr. James Allen was well known by sight to most of us, but only a small number saw within the quiet wan with the sometimes abstracted manner, the great, sweet soul whose thoughts have flowed out to all the world, bringing blessing to thousands, and thanks and benedictions from the ends of the earth. The writer has been his friend ever since his coming to Ilfracombe 12 years ago, and yet he has realized today more than ever, that this was a man whose like we shall not look upon again. For long he has said, that while many called more orthodoxly and more loudly "Lord, Lord!" few have done the will of the Heavenly Father as humbly and constantly as James Allen. Years ago he wrote in his diary of him "He is the most Christlike man I know."

Mr. Allen's books, and his magazine, The Epoch, are perhaps better known abroad, especially in America, than in England. His work will be carried on by Mrs. Allen at his wish. He was a devoted husband and father, and our hearts sympathies go out to Mrs. Allen and their only daughter in this, the time of their desolation.


Death of Mr. James Allen

Ilfracombe Gazette & Observer, January 26th, 1912

It is with profound regret we have to record the death of Mr. James Allen, of "Bryngoleu," Broad Park Avenue, Ilfracombe, who passed away early on Wednesday morning. Mr. Allen, who was 47 years of age, was universally held in the highest esteem, and widespread regret will be felt at his passing away.

Mr. Allen was a gentleman of exceptional talent, and was a very cultured writer. In 1905 he started a "Brotherhood," for extending the empire of righteousness, and at the present time it has members in all parts of the world. Its official organ is The Epoch (formerly The Light of Reason), which was founded and edited by Mr. Allen. He as a prolific writer, and his books have a very large circulation in America and in India, as well as in England. He has left a few works in manuscript, which, we understand, will be published in due course by Mrs. Allen, who is also a cultured writer. His writings are marked by high ethical teaching.

The deceased gentleman was at one time a secretary to Mr. Sidney Beard, founder of the Golden Age. After leaving Mr. Beard, who live in Ilfracombe for a time, Mr. Allen went to Bath, returning to Ilfracombe about twelve years ago. Of a retiring disposition, he took no active part in public affairs. He was a total abstainer and a non-smoker all his life, and a vegetarian for sixteen years.

Mr. Allen was a man of sterling qualities, and his demise will be a real loss to the cause of righteousness.

Mr. Allen leaves a widow and a daughter to mourn their loss, and much sympathy is felt with them in their bereavement.


A Friend's Tribute

It was with very great sorrow we all learnt of the death of our fellow townsman. Mr. Allen, whose spirit passed into the broadening light he loved as the day began to dawn on Wednesday last. For some time he has suffered periodically, bearing it in stoical silence, but a week ago he suddenly sat down in his chair and realized that the end was near. The sympathy of all goes out to Mrs. Allen and her only daughter in their bereavement.

Mrs. Allen will carry on her husband's work by his desire. His books have a great vogue in America and, elsewhere, and Above Life's Turmoil, From Poverty to Power, The Life Triumphant, Through the Gate of Good, Poems of Peace, and some half-dozen others have come as messages of help and cheer to thousands, as grateful letters testify. Every prophet and preacher speaks only to those who are prepared to hear, and it is not surprising that these books, and the monthly Epoch have appealed only to some—but Ilfracombe might be surprised to know how many that "some" include. And the writer, a friend of years, can testify to Mr. Allen's beauty of character, as partly revealed to him. He pronounced to Shibboleth, but loved mercy, and did justly, and walked humbly with his God.

We understand there will be no funeral ceremony in Ilfracombe, as cremation will take place in Leicester, and in consequence no flowers should be sent.

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  • Larry
    Larry Friday, 19 October 2018 15:04 Comment Link

    Over a century later, this man has changed my life, & today I pass on this book to help my son through his addiction to heroin. Thank you James Allen for sharing your life with us

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