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Your generous contribution will help this site grow and spread the works of author James Allen. This site is the largest and most comprehensive site dedicated to James Allen but running it requires resources—most notably time and money.

You donation will go toward:

  • Hosting Costs — This is a recurring cost each month. Currently the site is hosted on a shared server. At the current size and traffic level of the site it needs to be moved to a VPS (virtual private server) which will triple the current cost.

  • HootSuite — This is a recurring cost each month. It is used to schedule and post the daily messages to The James Allen Library's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

  • Mailing Software — This is a recurring cost each year. It is used to schedule and send the daily and weekly emails containing passages from The Book of Meditations.

  • Other software — There are charges for other software that is used in running this site, as an example, the SEF (search enginge friendly) software that helps this site get found in search engines.

  • Other Costs:
    • The Light of Reason — I have spent a considerable amount of money acquiring issues of James Allen's magazine, The Light of Reason.
    • Time — Running this site is time consuming. Hundreds of hours have been spent posting new books and issues of The Light of Reason, scheduling the daily emails, scheduling the Facebook and Twitter posts, keeping up with updates, and assembling the content on the site. The main goal of collecting donations is not for financial gain but being compensated for some of my time would be appreciated.

Enter the amount you wish to donate below, then click the DONATE button. Donations of any amount are welcome. Donators of $10 or more will receive a paperback copy of As a Man Thinketh!

PayPal is free, fast, and easy to use but if you prefer to donate via check or money order, please contact me.

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