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About The James Allen Library


The mission of this site is to further expose James Allen's works to the world and to bring him to the forefront of his genre of literature. This site will provide a place for others to explore his thoughts and find inspiration in his writings—just as he could have done if he had the internet in his time. You can read, search, and discuss most of Allen's writings on this site.

The following was written in Allen's time, "The James Allen Library" being refered to as his complete set of works, but it also applies nicely to this site:

The James Allen Library is more widely read and more greatly appreciated today than ever before. In the great stress and turmoil of the present day it carries a message of strength and calm to perplexed and storm-tossed hearts, lighting up the way so that weary and tired feet may not stumble and fall in the darkness, and giving wisdom and guidance to see the right under all circumstances. It is cheering the soldier on the battlefield, helping him to be a brave, fearless, and courageous man, faithful, true, and obedient to Duty. It is bringing hope and comfort and joy to the wounded and sick in hospital, it is binding up the broken-hearted, enabling them to suffer and be strong that Right may prevail, and Love and Truth triumph over wrong. It is strengthening the weak and making men strong the strong. Thousands of men and women in all parts of the world have rend these books, and tens of thousands more shall read them, for they contain the message for the future; within them men and women shall find the Light and Truth they have been seeking tor, for in them is contained the Heart of the New World.

One writes: "Words cannot express what the James Allen Library is becoming to me. The books are indeed as precious jewels, and, at the present time, when I can see nothing but a great darkness, and when thick clouds of sorrow are around me, I am indeed finding in them a lamp to light the way of my feet up the steep pathway, and by them I know l shall come out into the sunshine again.”

"Life was all a dark mystery to me," says one, "until I found the writings of James Allen. Many times I wished I had the courage to end it all; despair and horror wrapped me round, and there was no light or rest anywhere. One day I found From Poverty to Power. I read it like a starving man eats a crust to save his life, but it was no crust, but the very bread of life to me, body and soul. I arose from the reading of that book a new creature, a new world around me, Hope in my heart, Courage in my soul, and a bright Light upon the way before me. I found Life through the words of James Allen. Since then I have read the whole of the James Allen Library, and no words of mine can ever express what those books have done for me. Were I a rich man I would send them broadcast throughout the whole world that thousands of men who are in darkness as I was might find the Light."

What You'll Find Here

You'll find a collection of works by—and related to—author James Allen posted here, this site is the largest and most comprehensive collection of works by Allen online. All of Allen's books are available as well as most issues of his magazine, The Light of Reason. In his magazine, Allen often mentioned and reviewed books by other authors, you'll find those here as well. Works by other authors are only found here if it is known that Allen read it.

If you find a mistake or have comments, questions, or something to contribute, please contact me.

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