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Life and Power From Within


W. J. Colville

Author of “The Law of Correspondences,” “The 'World's Fair Text Book of Mental Therapeutics,” “Old and New Psychology,” Etc.

There are moments in the life of every one when the soul seems to be stirred by some inner force; when the mind becomes illuminated by new ideals, new hopes, new desires. What has caused this state? Who can tell? It may be in a moment of rest and repose, when mind and body are relaxed and for a brief space of time the duties and cares of the world are lost sight of, that such an awakening comes—for thus we might speak of it. During this brief interval we see things as we never have seen them before. Power, or earthly greatness, has no place in our thoughts; but we see, dimly though it may be, something of cur own inner greatness—something that, if it once could be fully realized, would change the whole tenor of our lives, and the world with all its allurements would occupy a minor place in our thoughts. —Charles Brodie Patterson

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William Juvenal Colville

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