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Words as Storage Batteries

If you would be master where you have been subject you must learn the power of words and how to utilize it.

Till the soul is awakened to its birthright we do not dream of this power, or that because of our ignorant use of it we have been making our experience. But we have groaned over this experience, an 0! dear! with every breath, and wished ourselves out of it, someway, somehow, no matter what way or how so we were rid of it.

We have prayed that it might pass from us, not realizing that we had to pass from it, that we, as souls, must keep the Passover to the end. We have been blind to our own inherent ability to make experience, to regenerate ourselves.

But you are one who is awakening to this fact. You do not want to remain bound to environment, hereditary tendencies, poverty, weakness, suffering. You want to master these and get them under foot, and you see faint glimmerings of wonderful possibilities in this direction. The wonder of it almost takes your breath and you say " Can I really stand free from these conditions which have bound me so long? Is this possible while the whole world groans under them?"

It is possible. Freedom is a possibility. But there is one grand essential. "The truth shall make you free." This is what accomplishes the freedom—the truth. It is very simple.

When the boy is working his mathematical problem, the truth is the remedy for the mistakes he has unwittingly made. He pegs away hour after hour, bound to the consequences of these mistakes, his work coming to naught so far as the correct answer is concerned, till he makes a discovery, till he sees the truth that reveals the mistake.

But this truth was, it subsisted all the while his error existed. And all this time it was waiting to be manifested; but it could not appear in its unlikeness, in the error, could not appear at all. Why not? Because it had to be known.

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Though the truth frees us from bondage, from subjection to fate, this freedom will not be our conscious possession till we find or know it. This is the first step. Then comes the second—apply the truth. Apply it to the error to be removed, to the condition to be overcome.

What must this boy do when he makes his discovery? When he finally sees that truth which reveals his error? He must use it. To contemplate it is not enough. He may be delighted to find it and look at it, so delighted that he shouts Hallelujah! But if he only keeps on shouting Hallelujah! he will not accomplish his work. Even this natural result of his discovery may be a stumbling-block in his way if he does not look out.

He has something to do, now that he has found the truth, something that he has never done before. He has to apply it to his problem. And it is only through his work of application that he becomes practically free, not only from his previous mistakes, but from their consequences.

Now take this illustration right home to yourself. Your bondage is the consequence of your own, and the racial, errors, made when you were ignorant of the truth of being. This truth can make you free from it. The power to make free is inherent in the truth. Latent energy is locked up in truth, an energy that is resistless.

What then is to be done? This energy must be released. It is like a great storage battery. resistless force is stored there, but it must be set flowing, and whatever this current acts upon is bound to move. Here is where your part of the work lies, a work that cannot be accomplished except you do your part.

You have found the truth. You see this wonderful and glorious truth of being that shows you the eternal real of yourself. You see, too, the temporal actual, the problem on the slate with its incorrect answer. You stand between the two, a mediator if you will.

You can turn your back upon the slate and give yourself to the contemplation of “this beautiful truth " and you will have a real good time—while your contemplation lasts unbroken. But it will be broken some day because you have simply hypnotized yourself, and when you turn around again the problem on the slate still confronts you.

You have yet to apply the truth which you know through seeing; for you have to know it through doing as well. And your knowing is not perfected till you have done as well as seen. You have to fulfil the New Testament as well as the Old.

When we see the truth, “unto us a son is born…and the government shall be upon his shoulder." But this power of government must be exercised in order to be proved; and it must be proved to be manifested. This "son" must be manifest in the flesh. It is your doing, your application or use of the truth you see that will “order and establish“ it.

You have to prove the power of the truth of being to bring to the soul freedom from the bondage of sense-conditions by your own use of it to that end. Here, you are working according to the New Testament. "Faith, without works is dead."

If you see now what is necessary for freedom, for regeneration of self-consciousness, we can find out what to do and how to do it. First, the truth makes free; therefore we must find the truth—we must know it. Second, we must know it through doing subsequent to knowing by seeing.

What shall you do? Speak true words and refrain from speaking error words.

What are error words? Those utterances which are contrary to the nature of the eternal individuality and which express only the mistaken mortal sense.

What are true words? Those utterances which express the nature of the eternal and perfect individuality.

What does it matter how I speak if this truth is fixed and changeless? How you speak has no effect whatever upon the truth itself, but has marked effect upon yourself, for “according to thy word be it unto thee." The truth cannot free you till you speak it, till it is your word.

Why? Because its latent energy has to be released. "Whom will ye that I release unto you?" And the energy or power of the word is released, or made operative for you, when you speak it.

All words, true words and error words, are storage batteries. They contain energy. This is the occult power of words. You as a speaker of words, the mediator between that energy and its result, release it to do the work belonging to it. See to it that you do not release Barabbas the robber, the power of the error word that will keep you from your birthright as a child of God.

Take care, rather, that by speaking true words you open the way for your own perfect being to be manifested. When you speak words you are dealing with a mighty force, the force that creates. Your spoken word is the utterance of your mental word or thought. When your thought is uttered, energy is released or has a wider circuit to move in.

Eventually the error thought must be rooted out, but it can first be checked, and by checking the uttered word. "The tongue is an unruly member” because we have allowed ourselves to speak from impulse. We rule it as we train ourselves to speak from perception.

You can begin to establish that freedom which is possible for you, because it belongs to the truth of being, this very moment by speaking or uttering what you ever so dimly see, as opposed to what you at present ever so strongly feel. You oppose the truth to the error. You check the activity of the energy of the error word by checking its utterance. You check and lessen its creation. You release the energy of the true word by speaking it, and you forward its creation.

This much you can do if you are the merest novice in these things. You can be watchful and exercise control over your tongue. This will lead to watchfulness and control over your thoughts. This will lead to control of creative energy; and this, in turn, to control of condition.

The way for the mastery of fate is prepared. All we have to do is to walk in it. And we walk in it when we see the line of destiny and follow it unswervingly. We are destined to conscious divinity. With our destiny we master our fate.

How are you speaking now? This way, probably. "O! dear! I am so weak and lifeless I cannot possibly go down town to-day. I know that errand ought to be done but I cannot do it. I have not the strength."

You have released Barabbas the robber. You will feel more weak and lifeless than you did before, probably, because you have given a wider circuit of operation to the energy stored in those words. You should have shut off the current and turned on another one. You should have set the truth to work for you. Instead, you have opened the way for error to accumulate itself.

Speak true words and you will say, "I am not really weak and lifeless. That is only mortal sense, and this sense has no more power over me than I permit. Because of what I am in my real being I am full of strength and life this moment. I am in everlasting unity with the infinite Life. I am fed constantly from that great reservoir and I cannot exhaust the supply. Nothing can cut it off. It is flowing into me now and filling me with vigor and power. My vitality is eternal and sufficient for all right demands. I am able to do all that belongs to me to do. I am able to go down town. My body is not I. It is my servant and it obeys the word. My feet will move whereunto they are sent. In the strength of the Lord I shall accomplish it."

Speak right words, check the utterance of error words, speak them because you begin to perceive the truth of being and want to feel it, and you have taken upon you the yoke of the Christ.

You have linked your soul with the immutable truth and your word will be made flesh. What you declare will appear as condition. Where before your work was hard labor, now it is light and no labor, for that truth is pulling the load with you.

It is yoked to you even as you are united with it. Its energy is increasing your own momentum in the right direction. You are steadily outgrowing old conditions and leaving them behind. Only as you outgrow them will they cease to have place in your consciousness.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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