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Destiny and Fate

Are you passively and contentedly living according to the personality which is less than it sometime must be? Or are you earnestly and actively endeavoring to live according to the individuality which is the changeless Lord? How are you thinking? Up or down? As a personality you are soul and Person; soul subjectively, person objectively.

We will say for the present that you are Soul and body. Therefore, as a personality you must grow. But in being or in your individuality you are fixed and changeless. Your only growth, or becoming, is in soul and body, and "Soul doth the body make." You are to gain in self-consciousness through recognition and use of the powers of your being. Every sense and faculty develops or brings forth its fruit through exercise. Every sense and faculty in your being is active. Its activity is compelled by Primal Energy which is ceaselessly at work.

But are you exercising your faculties? Do you not see a difference between spontaneous action and your own conscious use of that which is active or alive in you? Every part of your being is alive—eternally alive, truly. But is that all? Is it enough to say “Because God is, I am"? It is not enough. Primal Energy—the Word—has produced you, the ego. But the Word is to be made flesh. Through you—the ego—the highest quality of personality is to be made. The "made" must follow the “created."

Here you have something to do. This is your destiny—that destiny that is involved in your origin. But between that beginning and that end lies your fate, which you make for yourself. You are to conquer your fate with your destiny. How are you thinking? Through your thinking the Creative Power is ceaselessly building your soul; and your self-consciousness always has that quality imparted to it by your thoughts.

Do you think that the visible shape is yourself—the living being? This is not true; but if it is your thought, your soul has builded into it continually the untrue, the mortal quality, and "the end thereof is death." The visible body is but the outermost crust of soul-stuff—the point in the outgoing of Primal Energy where it bends toward its source. This bend or crust is what we commonly call matter. It is motion visible. Around the bend it will gradually lose that "mode" which is its present visibility.

If we think, or vibrate, with the God-power, we—as souls—are builded higher and higher. We become of finer and finer, or more lasting, quality, as we incorporate the Divine Essence. When we think that which is not fundamentally, and therefore not eternally, true, we do not vibrate with this great pulse of the universe. We set up a counter-vibration, and the result is discord and confusion. How can it be otherwise? We create an action which opposes the universal truth and harmony.

Then we—as souls—suffer, and ignorant of what we have done, we say God sends our suffering upon us. This is true in one sense, but not in the one in which the words are generally used. God does not send suffering, because He sees our wrongdoing and makes up his mind to punish us for it. "God is too pure to behold iniquity." But because God's Law is the sequence of cause and effect, the only over-ruling Law, we do experience the effect of the cause we have ignorantly instituted and permitted. Our sufferings are self-created, and they scourge us till we see their nature and put them to death by withdrawing their sustenance. We are punished by our sins, instead of for them.

What we think we sometimes experience, and according to the quality of our thought will be our kind of experience. Action is from the within to the without; from the subjective to the objective. Ask yourself this question: Am I using the faculties, senses, and powers of my being, or are they using me? Because they are living, every one of them, they will use me—the soul—if I do not use them. I must be, inevitably, either the subject or their master. It is my birthright to be master. Have I sold my birthright for a mess of pottage? Am I ignorantly experiencing the realities of being, which to me are the realities of existence, because my senses, faculties, and powers are using me according to their own nature; because they are actualizing for me the false ideal of myself I ignorantly hold?

If I am suffering, I have positive proof that I am being thus used, and am not using instead; am not doing what I must do before the liability to suffering can cease. There is being made manifest in the flesh the discord, rather than the unity of vibration with the great pulse. There will always be manifestation in and through the visible body of the quality of the soul—of what the soul includes. Consequently, what is contrary to harmonious being must appear, as well as what is in harmony with it, if the contrary is self-created.

So all healing belongs to the seventh day of Creation; that portion in which Man is finished; for healing is the removal of the causes of disease and suffering from the soul—a removal that makes them disappear from the body. Physicians judge of the health by feeling the physical pulse. Health is always proved by the soul-pulse. Is it beating in time with the God Pulse? Are we working with God, moving with Primal Energy, vibrating with it to the end ordained from the beginning?

If its beat is true and steady, the Word is being made flesh, and we shall behold "his glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth " in the seventh day. But when its beat is not in accord with the infinite pulse, when it is fluttering, fitful, and unsteady, our ignorant word or thought is being made flesh, and we shall behold it full of all manner of unlikeness to the eternal God; for it is begotten of the ignorant soul, not of the Father. This manifestation, equally in the seventh day, includes all forms of suffering;—all that we call evil. And the evil is to be overcome with the good, for the evil is temporal and the good is eternal.

Do you see now why Jesus healed on the Sabbath day? It is because this work belongs in the seventh day. There is no occasion for it in any other portion of Creation. You are living in the seventh day. What are you doing with it? Are you making God manifest? Or are you only manifesting your own ignorance of true being and its consequences? Are you glorifying God or your own blindness? Are you making the commandment of God of non-effect through your traditions?

O! as you begin dimly to see your own possibilities, does not your soul send forth the exultant shout, "Yet in my flesh shall I see God!" Do you not see your own divinity as a far off star shining with a celestial radiance as it comes nearer and nearer till it stands over the house of human nature where the new-born babe of recognition lies? Do you not see that "he is our peace who hath made both, one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition; having abolished in his flesh the enmity for to make in himself of twain, one new man?"

Do you not see that if Jesus of Nazareth reconciled to each other his divinity and his humanity, breaking down the middle wall of partition (mortal self-consciousness, consequent upon wrong thinking), abolishing in his flesh the enmity between sin, sickness, and death, and true eternal being, making in himself of twain, one new man, you can accomplish this also?

For He is the elder brother of our family; the common family of God's children of which we are all members. And He is "gone before" or has fulfilled his destiny, while we are still at work with our own. As members of this one family we possess the same powers and possibilities that he manifested. God is no respecter of persons. His "substance" is divided unto us equally. But we have wasted hours in the far country of wrong thinking, and feeling, consequent upon non-recognition of its nature. Jesus had perfect recognition and realization of his. As we gain these we, too, shall work the works which prove our divinity to be master of our humanity.

Put this recognition, the right thought, into everything you do. Do not wait for it to come to you. Lay hold upon it. Lay hold upon everlasting life if you would possess it. Breathe in the breath of life for yourself. Use your thinking power, knowing what you do, forming and holding to you such thoughts as are like unto your God-derived being. Form your self-idea in accordance with the Divine Idea. Make thus your own mental pattern as it is shown you in the mount of spiritual perception, and the Creative Power will bring the living Soul that wears that pattern.

No human being should be permitted to do your thinking for you. When you accept the "traditions of the elders" as truth, without that investigation on your own part which makes them true to you, you yield yourself to an influence that is not the Most High. When you accept a self-idea at second hand without forming and holding it yourself, you abrogate the rights of individuality; and so long as you do this you cannot bring forth. You are used; you are not using. You are in subjection instead of exercising mastery.

Do your own thinking, and according to the highest self-idea you are able to conceive. Look within you, not without you. "If thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light." Keep the inner eye fixed on the eternal, not on the dust pattern. Slowly, little by little as you behold it, the within will become the without. The subjective idea will become the objective reality. The first will become the last, and that last will be the eternal first—the God-Idea, brought to embodiment. Never forget that every faculty, sense and power in you is alive and cannot die. Ask yourself “what am I doing with them?" You can make them serve you royally, 'not as the magician of Egypt, but as the man of the Lord. Bring forth, you must. You cannot help it. But you can choose what you will bring forth. You have it in your power to bring forth the Son of God. Will you set about it? If you make this choice he will rule your daily life, for he is within. He will bear your burdens, heal your diseases, dispel your sorrows. He is at hand.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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