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Where There is the Sense Named "Insomnia"

I am free from all struggle and strife.

I am free from anxiety and apprehension.

I am free from all strain and tension.

I abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I am able to see what I should do. I am able to do what I see should be done.

I have clear vision because I desire to do only that which is right and just.

I shall not entangle myself, I shall be shown the way in which I should walk, moment by moment.

Whatever comes into my mortal experience, for me there is no loss; there can be only gain.

Because of what I am in being, nothing pertaining to my growth in self-recognition can bring me real harm.

I see and feel that I am complete and whole and that I live and move and have this being, in God, my Cause.

I am safe and secure every moment.

I am cradled in the eternal arms, I rest upon the Infinite bosom.

I am sinking into that sleep which is peace and rest, refreshment and strengthening.

It is mine as a child-soul that is nurtured from the divine; and I have no fear of aught that can befall me.

There is One that neither slumbers nor sleeps, and I am guarded and protected.

I give myself up to quiet slumber. I sleep with the sleeping world, with the fields and the flowers, with the creatures small and great.

For we are one Brotherhood, and I hear the voice of our Father in the murmur of the stream, the gentle rustle of the night-wind, the breath of the flowers.

It says to me, “Best my child. All things rest. Take your rest. I am here. I will never leave nor forsake you."

I let go all effort to do or to be.

I sink back into these waiting arms.

I feel them close tenderly about me.

I am in the "green pastures," beside the "still waters." I am with the good Shepherd of the sheep.

I am asleep, for “He giveth His beloved, sleep."

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