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When There is Tendency to Self-Depreciation

In the darkness of mortal sense consciousness, at last I see a shining star.

It stands over the house within me and shows me where to look for what I need.

I see a tiny babe which smiles upon me as I gaze. In its face is the light of infinite Love, in its eyes a wonderful majesty.

In the stillness of a mighty awe I bow before it even while my heart sings with joy.

For it is my Self, my divine Self, begotten of God within my humanity and born to me at last. Now I know I need have no more fear, no more lack, no more incompleteness, for the Father giveth all things unto the Son.

Within my God-given divinity dwells all power, all wisdom, all love. Though to me it is yet but an infant I know it will grow to its full stature.

And because it is born unto me all things have become possible to me. To it every knee shall bow.

Whatever, as I stand in its presence, I will to do shall become established unto me.

For me there is now no failure possible, for “the government shall be upon his shoulder."

No longer do I feel that others are able to achieve what I 1; can never reach. All that is good, all that is best, is sure to come to me, all that is wise and right I am sure to do.

For he draws all treasures unto him. He is the born King, they belong at his feet.

Right loyally I yield me his servant that he may rule in me and through me, and I know that great shall be my reward.

I see all my doubts and fears, my weaknesses and shortcomings, as but shadows in the outer darkness.

In the light of this Christ-sun within me they flee and disappear. No more shall they torment me for they cannot dwell in this light.

I am that I am which I look upon, to which this star has led me.

I have no more fellowship with the hosts of darkness.

With all my heart, might, mind and strength do I welcome these glad tidings of great joy, which shall be for all men; for in the light of my own newborn divinity I see their divinity.

Henceforth I judge no more after the flesh.

Glory be to God in the highest.

With me, now, is peace, for the Prince of Peace dwelleth in me.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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