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When There is Proneness to Anger

Because of what I am in my real being, I, as a human soul, am greater than my parts. Even though the impulses of lesser natures are in me and make their voices heard, 1 am not bound to obey them. I have power to rule them.

I call up this power now. I call upon the Lord and I know he will deliver me. As the Lord's own I have wings and can fly above where these impulses walk with four feet.

They have no power to tear and rend except I permit it. And this I do not permit, for I love my fellow-men. I have no desire to smite, but only to love and bless.

I put from me all selfish desire, all vanity, all pride. No one can wound my self-love for I have none to wound. I am not stiff-necked and rebellious; I am meek with the meekness of Christ.

No one can smite or buffet me; they can but strike mistakenly at themselves. If any soul believes itself to have this desire, in the light of the Christ-likeness it shall see its error.

The lion and tiger in me are redeemed. Their strength is taken up to a higher plane and use. They no longer prey upon and devour me, they minister unto me.

I use them for all there is in them worthy of perpetuation. What is unworthy I leave behind and know no more. They lie down in peace together because I have made peace with them.

I war no longer with my divine nature. I let it have its way with me, while I give unto God all the glory.

I open my heart to the heavenly Christ. His glory shines in and through me. No impatience and anger can live in his presence.

I take his yoke upon me and the beasts are dumb. They lie quiet in the outer court while I pass into the sanctuary.

I feel the higher love which dwells there. It is flowing into and filling me with its sacred fire. I can do all things, dare all things, for the love I bear to others.

I lift my hand unto the highest heaven and invoke its blessings upon them.

Let them pass over me, 0 Lord God Almighty! so these are ministered unto! Make me more and more a worthy mediator between them and thee! Purge me utterly till all that is unlike thee is gone!

I offer myself a living sacrifice. I lay the creature in me upon thine altar. Let thy fire consume it completely. I pour its blood upon the ground for it belongs not in thy dwelling-place.

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