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When There is Need for Patience

I know that time is but my own perception and feeling, and that what seems to me a long time is only a moment in the great all.

I know that with the Lord a thousand years is as one day.

I know that my real being is the same during all this change in perception and feeling that I call time.

I know that this real being of mine is working out its own manifestation, and I can wait. All is good, there is no evil anywhere. I can see the end of time, for I was before it and I shall be after it. I am only getting acquainted with my own nature and finding its Principle.

I welcome all I experience. I am willing to let patience have its perfect work.

I would be made perfect and entire in self-recognition and realization even as I am perfect and entire in being.

I welcome the making. There is no pain or sorrow in it. Disappointment is only a letting go to take a better hold.

I am able to meet and master all that time brings me, for I am only proving my own possibilities. I need to prove these, to know that I know.

I have patience with all limitation, for by it I prove the unlimited. All that I encounter in time is friendly and I will make none of it an enemy.

Now, this moment, I am able to overcome all that seems hard and unpleasant, for I have dominion over all things as my birthright.

"He that endureth to the end shall be saved" from the necessity for endurance.

I know that I, in my real being, am free from all that afflicts, and that I suffer only in my sense-consciousness.

I have God-given power to rule this consciousness. I am ruling it with patience and steadfastness. The way is short and the work is easy, for the Christ is my Helper and Comforter.

The Son of God is with me, and he helps and strengthens the Son of Man.

I am that I am, and no thing or experience in time can change my being. I have taken His yoke upon me and the Christ works with and for me.

I am housed in God all the while I look upon the mortal.

I am able to wait for manifestation of the immortal, for I know that it is.

I am, and nothing can make me cease to be.

Time and space are naught for me who am more than they. I speak and they obey.

All is here and now. The work that is proof, is being done.

I am.

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