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When There is Lack of Confidence and Trust

"In thee O! Lord ! do I put my trust," for I know that in my real being dwells all power and might.

As a pilgrim soul, I look to those eternal verities which are there. I know that they are at my command.

I know that God has given to my being all that God is and has.

From this great and glorious storehouse I can draw sufficient for my daily needs.

I know that thou wilt never fail nor forsake me.

It is good that the mortal props fall away from me, one by one. Each is but a veil that hides thee from me. I am willing to be taken up.

I am willing to be forsaken of all that is merely mortal, that I may be taken up.

"Thou art he who can do no evil."

Open thou mine eyes to behold thy glories.

Though all that has seemed necessary forsake me, I know that thou art with me always.

I can never fail because thou art at my right hand.

I am free from all fear, for I feel thy presence.

My confidence is perfect, I stand unshaken, though all around me seems tottering to a fall.

My business cannot fail, my home-life cannot break, my loved ones cannot scatter and be lost to me ; for I gather them all together to be taken up as I am taken up by thee.

Thou wilt save to the uttermost all who trust in thee, and my trust is perfect, my confidence is secure.

My business is safe!

My home is safe.

My loved ones are safe.

I am safe.

All is safe with thee.

All praise and honor and glory unto thee forever and ever, O! Lord God of my salvation!

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