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When There is Fear of Failure in Business

In all things will I glorify thee, O God!

Because of what I am in being I cannot fail in what I, with a pure motive, undertake.

As a soul among other souls I use the things of the world for a time, and I know that this is right; I will not allow them to use me.

I acknowledge but one overruling power, the Almighty Good. It shall lead me whither it will, but I will lead all less than I.

I know that all circumstances are governed by law, not chance, and I have no more fear.

I am free from all fear of what may happen, for I know that nothing happens.

I will act honestly and honorably with all men, and do as I would have them do by me.

And I know that the thought and act which go out from me shall return again unto me; that only good can come to me, for I will let only good go from me.

Failure is impossible for me, success is sure for me when I work with the good for the good, and allow no sense of evil to speak.

My heart is stayed on the Infinite Good, and no disaster can befall me. I see the workings of good everywhere. "How manifold are thy mercies, O God!" No one can take from me what is mine. No one desires to take from me what is not his own. No one wishes to cheat or rob me. All men desire good.

No one seeks to do evil for the sake of evil. I see the divine image in my fellow-men, and I know that this will help them to recognize it in me.

I am strong and of a good courage, for I know that with pure motive and desire all the resources of my God-being are at my command, and this Lord will fight all my battles for me.

I cannot fail, for I will obey all the commands that come to my soul.

God and one are a majority.

"He shall give his angels charge concerning thee."

I thank thee and praise thee, O God! for the light that is filling my soul and showing me how to walk among men as to thy glory.

Thine is the kingdom and the power forever.

I am thine and thou art mine, now and always.

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