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When There is Fear of Accident

Though I look upon a physical body, I know that it is not I. It is only the garment which I, as a living soul, wear, and which clothes my body, the body which would still remain to me did I drop the garment the next hour.

I know that I am a living soul now, this moment; that I am not flesh and blood, bone and muscle. I am more than they. I am rooted in my real being, which individualizes God. I cannot cease to be, for no one and nothing can pluck up my roots.

I am fed constantly from the infinite and inexhaustible source. All flows to me from on high, not from below, and my existence is not at the mercy of accident or chance. I know that if this fleshly garment were ground to powder, I could not be reached or changed by that which has destroyed the shape of the garment, but which is powerless to change its substance.

I live in my real being, which lives in God. I exist in the soul-world, that Father's house where there are many mansions. This fleshly body is only the window through which I look out upon a moving panorama. Though the window be closed, I remain the same. There are no accidents; all is law.

I shall never experience aught which I have not permitted; and if I have ignorantly and unconsciously permitted causes which have begotten their effects, I can meet these as their master, not as their bond-slave. For now I know, and I am no longer the willing servant of mortal sense.

Dominion over all belongs to me, because of what I am. I lift my face reverently, but fearlessly, to the Almighty and claim my birthright. I claim the wholeness, perfectness, and power of my being. Here I dwell daily, hourly, under the shadow of the Almighty, and around me are the everlasting arms. Whatever comes, whatever goes in this panorama which passes before me, they bear me up above the plane and power of accident.

I know that thought is creative and that if I think no evil I will experience no evil; if I think only good, I will experience only good. I will think no evil, for “thou art with me." I attract no accident. It has no place in my orbit; for I am attracted only by the great central Sun. I move in law, with law, by law.

My fleshly garment can never be taken from me, for I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down as necessary to me, and to take it up again as the means through which I manifest my nature to those who have need of that means. I leave it in their hands while I dwell in my city of refuge, where no destroyer can enter.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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