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When There is Dissatisfaction With Environment

Though to mortal sense I am hedged in, I know that I am but given what I need for my journey heavenward.

I see that all external limitations are my opportunities to prove my real being. For them I rejoice and give thanks.

I praise thee, O God! I praise thee for all that shuts me in, for it is Love itself that compasses me round about.

Even as the tiny bird is encircled by the protecting nest, so am I enfolded in that which guards me while I am finding my wings.

All thine is mine, and I am thine, and no harm can befall me for there is no evil.

Though the pressure of environment lies heavy upon me, it is but my own pressure against the encircling wall; and I know that the wings Thou hast given me will bear me over and above it.

I see them now, they are mine now, they are growing stronger and stronger for of Thee is their strength.

I am neither cast down nor dismayed, for as Thy child I am Lord of all.

Environment has no power to keep me from Thee. Thou are drawing me from the protecting nest that I may prove my kinship with Thee.

Here, within it, as the outward man held back by its embrace, in the within I am free to find and know Thee.

This moment I am free to mount upward, though my flesh is held down by the things of sense. None of the trammels of sense-consciousness can rob me of my heavenly wings.

As the child seeks its mother's bosom, so fly I to Thee.

From this secure place I look down upon my fleshly environment and it lies before me as an open book which I read with the eyes Thou hast given me.

Tt is only the nest, only the nest.

I thank Thee, Great God of the Universe, for every straw and twig, yea, even the tiny thorn in it. All is good; for all is good for me, however with my mortal sense it has seemed to me.

The nest is mine for a time, the time when I prove Thee. But I am thine and Thou art mine, eternally.

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