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When There is Difficulty in Letting Go of the Past

I am no more what I was. I am new-born. I am awake to my eternal being in which is all glory and all power.

What I was when I was asleep is gone. It belongs to the dead past.

In the recognition of my possible divinity I am resurrected from the dead. I leave in the tomb all that belongs there. I carry nothing of it with me; I desire none of it.

I see that no soul cometh to the Father except by the resurrection and the life. I am quickened from on high and I rise above the region of graves.

I am not holden of them, neither indeed can I be. I am new, all things are new, my future is new.

Though my soul-journey is not finished, I know that my face is turned in the right direction and the land of graves is behind my back.

Through the quickening spirit in me I shall conquer as I go, and find my home.

I have no useless regrets. In my heart of hearts I am thankful for the measure of wisdom which is mine today, and which my past experiences have brought forth to me. They have borne some fruit; they will bear more.

But in the strength of the Lord, by the help of His Christ, I shall gather this fruit with rejoicing and not sorrow.

By it I am made strong. By it I prove my power of mastery over all unlikeness to God.

I am exercising this power now. By means of it I get farther and farther from the dead past. I am resurrected continually into more abundant life.

All is good. There is no evil.

All that I have called evil has been good for me, for by it I have learned something. I have no sorrow, no regrets. I am filled with praise and rejoicing.

I know that I am being weaned from my mortal sense self that I may show forth the divine likeness. All that this sense calls affliction are but the growing-pains which are sure to be left behind.

Nothing that anyone can say of me can hurt me or turn me aside.

I press forward steadily, with no thought of blame for them who judge me according to the dead past. I know but one Judge and one Deliverer.

All malice, hatred, and enmity are left with that past. I know only love, I feel only love, for every human being.

I begin to know God, for God is Love.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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