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When There is Desire to Lose Fondness for Money

All that I am is from thee O! God! All that I have which is worth keeping is of Thee also.

I am filled with Thine abundance and my riches are inexhaustible.

I see that my worldly possessions pertain only to my sense consciousness, and I withdraw my desire from them.

When Thou callest me O God! let me not be found with my money lest my soul say " Here am I."

I desire Thee. I need Thee. Let me be found with Thee. From Thy bosom help me to say “Here am I."

I am with Thee. My possessions cannot keep me from Thee for I give them up.

They have no power to entice me and draw me away from my eternal home. My abiding place is not with them, but with Thee.

I know that this consciousness is the pearl of great price, and for it I give all I have on the sense-plane.

No one can rob me, I cannot lose, for I give it all.

I know that every need of this plane will be met, and met the more abundantly as I possess Thy eternal riches.

I love to give to others. I love to give to those who need,, for I know that thus Thou givest to them through me.

From Thy hand through my hand, they receive for their needs, and in my love for my fellow-men that Love which is Thee is manifested.

I thank Thee and praise Thee for this opportunity that proves and tests me. I would hold back nothing that can come between myself and Thee.

I will be a wise steward, a user of money, not a keeper. I will keep close to Thee instead. Here, let me be found.

In the light that shines from Thee I look upon the money and it has no value. Used in Thy service it is transmuted into love.

My love for it would keep it but base metal, and shut me out from Thee.

My love and desire for Thee makes it pure gold, and me the dispenser of Thy blessings.

From my abiding place in Thee I use Thy gold.

I have no money. I am Thy steward and I use Thy gold in Thy service.

With it I do Thy will.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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