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When There is a Sense of Injury

I look upon a world filled with shapes of many kinds. I see in them no evil. They are good. Though with my outsight I look upon them, with my insight I see through them; and I recognize their nature and office.

I see souls, back of these shapes, who are being born into another world than that they look upon through the window of the physical body.

I know that I do not live in time as they do, but that I live in the eternal, and that this eternal is now. For me there is no more time.

To me all is good, for I see the divine purpose which is being carried out. I see the God-man and his gradual appearing.

I stand at the center of being and all in existence arranges itself according to this purpose which is good only. There is no evil.

I see above, below, and on either side. No one point is farther from this center than another. I am one with God and God is related to the whole circumference.

God is Good and Good is omnipotent.

I have no enemies. I have only friends. Every soul is my brother, for every soul is from the same God and has the same destiny to fulfil. No one can do me harm or work me evil. No soul really wishes to do me harm or work me evil.

I am free from fear, for I know there is nothing to fear. I have found the better way, the straight and narrow way; and with all my heart I desire to show this way and help others to walk therein.

I see, feel, and know only love, and "perfect love casteth out fear." I know that other souls will love me when I love them, will serve me when I serve them, will help me when I help them.

Standing as one with God in my individual consciousness, I lay upon the altar of the outer life all fear, jealousy, and desire for revenge, all selfishness and personal ambition. I offer these a sacrifice to that Most High which is the over-ruling Good, the destroyer of all sense of evil.

I know that the "fire from heaven" will consume this my offering and that my purified sense of existence will make me a mediator for my brethren.

Love is my beginning and end, my center and circumference, my substance and supply.

I have found my God. I live and move and have my being in God and nothing can disturb my peace.

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Ursula N. Gestefeld

  • Born April 22, 1845 and died in 1921 (burried at Graceland Cemetery, Chicago).
  • Involved in Christian Science
  • Most famous work is The Woman Who Dares.

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