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When the Sense of Sight Diminishes with Advancing Age

In thee O! Lord! do I put my trust.

I know that my power to see is perfect and indestructible. I cannot lose it, nothing can destroy it.

I know that every faculty and power I use, is in my real being, and that my supply is unfailing.

Though the shapes of this world are still with me, they are no longer the real to me.

I am opening my eyes to see what is behind them; and with all my heart I rejoice and give thanks for my increasing power of vision.

I know that day by day I see more and more of the real and eternal. I am growing more and more conscious of my limitless range of vision.

Infinity lies open before me, and little by little I am entering in to behold thy glories O Lord!

I feel no disappointment, no sadness, no sorrow, because shapes are not so huge to me as they once were. I know that in the fullness of the time all planes will be visible to me and at my command.

I shall be satisfied when I wake entirely from this dream and see only thy likeness everywhere.

I know that the twilight of this plane is but the forerunner of the brighter day.

Help me to keep my inner eye fixed upon thee; then shall my outer eye fill its office more completely, while in all things I rejoice and give thanks.

Help me to feel that the fading of the outward is the revelation of the inward; and that at all times and in all places, thou art with me to strengthen my sight and my heart.

My prayer is answered, and I know that thou art with me always. I need not strain my eye to see, I need not weep the tears that blind.

From thee O! Lord! come unto me all good things. Of what shall I be afraid!

The region of graves is behind me. They have given up their dead. I see, I feel, I know.

God shall be glorified in me.

I am that I am.

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