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When One Begins to See the Necessity of a Higher than Natural Affection

I thank thee O! God! for all that thou hast given me. I praise and bless thee for those whom I have called mine.

I see that they were thine before they were mine. I see that thou art in them and they are in thee, even as I and thou art inseparable.

I acknowledge thy name which was writ upon them before I named them.

In my ignorance I did not see and read it, and I said they were all my own.

Gladly do I repent of this my sense-error, and make restitution. They are both thine and mine; first thine and afterward mine.

Though after the flesh my name is writ upon them, behind the veil I see thine own.

I love them day by day because they are mine. I love them more and more because they are thine.

As I, the lover of my dear ones, am of thee, so shall my love for them be of thee who art Love itself.

I offer up to thee mine only one whom I love best, for this one belongs to thee; and I know that thou hearest me always, and restorest to me what I give unto thee.

All mine is thine, and thou art mine. In thee and from thee I have all.

Here, at thy feet O! Lord God Almighty! I offer my dearest to thee. Lift him up that he may descend to me as thy Son, thy good gift from on high!

I see him in thy bosom while I hold him in my arms. Thou hast heard the desire of my heart, for thou knowest that my heart longeth after thee.

In the light or in the darkness, in the here or the there, he is safe' with thee, and I can never lose or be forsaken of him.

I glorify thy name which is writ upon him, and he is drawn to me with the cords of Love which are stronger than the ties of the flesh.

I have no more torment, for I have not withheld thy son from thee.

Thou helpest me to climb the mountain of offering. Thou helpest me over the places that are rough for me and mine. Thou makest them smooth for me and thine. I go up with my Son; I come down with thy Son.

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