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The Might of Mind

The Might of Mind

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Also named "How to Control and use the Power of Thought".

The emphatic and attractive title of this work should arrest the attention and arouse the curiosity of every reader of "Higher Thought Literature." Throughout this original work the Author sticks to her text, and shows with considerable sagacity and foresight how and why the human mind can control and use thought. The various chapters of this work are not a series of undefined theories. They contain practical lessons upon the best methods for cultivating and developing those inherent powers which give strength, fitness, and wisdom to those qualities which alone can give the initiative in controlling and directing thought for the practical advancement of moral and spiritual tone and growth. The author has produced a work which will be highly helpful to the young beginner in the study of the power of mind, and the advanced pupil will find many beautiful thoughts of a highly suggestive character which will greatly aid one in the silent studies of the home.

Mrs. Allen's book has been received by readers in all parts of the world with much joy, and many expressions of gratitude have been written to her by grateful readers.

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