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One Life, One Law, One Love

One Life, One Law, One Love

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This is a book setting out the way of the soul and the laws of the religious life.

The Author says: “If my little book may make the way clear to some who have hitherto stumbled, if it bring back some who have hitherto wandered, if it heal only one broken heart, then indeed shall I be glad I sent it forth on its mission."

In this book Mrs. James Allen has gone to the very heart of questions that are being asked by thousands of people today who are turning their laces towards a greater light than they have found in the old interpretations of the Scriptures. ‘God is Love' is the keynote of this book, and it could only have been written by a deep student as well as a great lover of the Word of Truth as revealed in the Bible. The author has been a great and searching reader of the Holy Scriptures, as all must realize who read her books thoughtfully. The book must prove a light upon the path to all who are seeking for a strong, sane, and healthy outlook on life and death.

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