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The Law of the Increase of All Good

The Law of Life is a Law of Expansion; its object is fruitfulness and replenishment. To consider it as the Law of Cause and Effect as we did in our first chapter is well, and when we thoroughly understand it and apply it to our daily life and conduct we shall find ourselves possessed of a power, and able, as the sons of God, to use that power to make life great, noble, and beautiful; for we shall know that we are actually making use of the same Power that called all that is into being, ”for by Him all things were made and without Him was not anything made that was made,” and therefore He (the power, and the only power) is the Force that we are able to use, and in using it we know that it never fails the one that uses it.

We must not, however, make the mistake that so many have made by looking at one aspect only of the Power that worketh in and through all things. While it is the Law of Cause and Effect, it is also The Law of Expansion and Replenishment. From the very beginning, even before man was created (taking the great Truth as symbolized in the first chapter of Genesis), we read that God commanded each created thing to “bring forth.” “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind…and it was so." Further on we read, “Let the waters bring forth abundantly," and, again, “Be fruitful, and multiply,” and so on to the end of the creation this command always followed the work of God—“be fruitful, and multiply,” “bring forth," "replenish the earth.” And further we read—"and God saw that it was good.”

Now I want you, dear reader, to apply this great Truth to your own life, your own work, your own possessions. Have you ever thought of this command of God, this Law of the Universe, this absolute certainly about everything that is Good, that it has inherent within it the power to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth—that is, my earth and your earth, or my world and your world, for the earth is symbolical of life as we have to live it. A great number of people regard life as a big subtraction sum, while in reality it is altogether a big addition sum, the nature of which compels it to increase forever. Perhaps it would be clearer if we called it a big multiplication sum, and we can do so when we realize the Law of Life as the Law of Expansion.

To understand this Law we must first begin to realize that ALL IS GOOD. If you are regarding evil as a power, as something stronger than Good; if you regard certain things in your life as evils, and believe that they, by their very nature, are powerful to prevent you from gaining all that you desire of blessing and happiness, then you, of course, are not able to understand the Law of Fruitfulness, nor will you utilize in your Life the command of God, thereby bringing into increasing manifestation all that makes for abounding life and liberty.

Expansion implies FULLER EXPRESSION of all that is Good. God never once commanded that which was not good to multiply, did He? He never said of anything, “It is evil”—and must multiply. No, no. God said of Life, and of all creation, “Behold it was very good,” and then He gave the command, “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish.” Oh, why do we not see that this Law holds good today for us? Why do we not realize that we can actually take that Law of multiplication and apply it to all that is good in life, knowing that it must increase into greater and greater expression of good? The trouble with so many is that they are content with so little good. And some are even deceiving them- selves into believing that some things are good which are not good at all, and that some things are real that are not real at all.

For instance, take ill-health. I have met many who have believed that ill-health was a great blessing, and that if they had been in robust health God could not have blessed them nor helped them. They do not realize what a character of incapability and insufficiency they are giving to the God they profess to love and worship. Now if they would only ask, “ls health good, and a thing to be desired?” and, having to answer their own question in the affirmative, they would then apply the Law of Expansion to all the good health they possess, saying to it, "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish my life,” and, knowing that they, when speaking this Divine command to Good Health were actually using the very words of God, their health would “spring forth speedily" and life—abounding life—would become their experience. And oh, the joy of good health! Who that is strong and full of energy, who that enjoys a good day’s work, rejoicing in its accomplishments, would exchange it for pots of money? Would you? Surely health is one of the very good things to which the Divine command may be given, “be fruitful, and multiply." Look at health, look at it as an abstract quality, think of all it means as an asset to life, and say to it, over and over again, “You are GOOD, GOOD, GOOD, and I give to every atom of good health in my body, soul, and spirit the command of God, MULTIPLY, MULTIPLY, MULTIPLY! REPLENISH my life, and fill my experience With blessed fruitfulness.” IT MUST OBEY YOU. It is the Word that cannot be broken.

Sometimes people who are in straitened circumstances write to me. They are looking upon their lot as a lot of poverty and limitation. They have picked out, for special attention, their want and their supposed misfortune. They actually seek to find reasons for this state of things, and make for themselves laws which are not laws at all but illusions. Such people (dear precious souls, how I love them!) want me to pray for them, hold them in the Silence, help them to realize sufficient to pay their debts and owe no man anything. One method I employ in such cases is to begin reckoning up all the GOOD I know they possess. I do this even to the coppers in their purses. Then I give the Divine Command to THEIR GOOD, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish their earth." It is GOOD that they are seeking, but they have forgotten (it ever they knew) that there is an inherent power in EVERY ATOM or soon, and unto them is given the Divine Power to command that good to increase. So I, in the Name of God, command all their GOOD to increase. And this must be applied to every GOOD, no matter what the human heart longs for. Think now, “What is there in my life that, increasing and expanding, would give life a greater and more beautiful expression for me? What would make my life richer, nearer the ideal life, greater, more useful?” You have the Divine Authority to command it to multiply and increase, to bring forth more good, and to replenish your life.

When the mind of the individual becomes filled with this knowledge, and the Truth of Life as an ever expanding force becomes clear, then the whole of the thought of that one becomes a center of Divine Creation. With such knowledge comes the deeper realization that each individual mind can become a center of Divine operation, working upon all that is Good, and calling it forth to greater and greater good.

Get this Truth well into your mind—The Will of God from the very beginning has been that all good should constantly yield to greater and greater expansion, and fuller expression. That all the good in my life and yours is subject to the Law of Production, and has within it potentially, the force which must multiply and replenish. That all the good that we desire is just the natural and right outcome of all that NOW IS. My happiness and prosperity is as much a natural growth and expansion from the NOW (that is from today’s experience) as the life force in the seed naturally produces the plant, flower and fruit. Within my Good today lies a greater power for growth, expansion, and a fruitful harvest than that which lies within the little corn of wheat—a life and a power that never dies, but must produce, produce, produce.

"That which was good must pass to better, best!"

"Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow,” their life is ever expounding this Truth to us, the Truth of the spontaneous beauty and glory of the expansion of life under the Law of Growth.

Have you, my dear reader, made of yourself a center of Divine expansion? Have you realized your power to call to your coon to multiply and expand, and come into fuller expression of greater and greater Good? If not begin to do so now. Count your blessings, count them every night as you are falling into sleep, and then command them to increase and multiply. Count them again in the morning, bless them, believe that they have expanded even while you slept. Rejoice over them, and again give them the Divine Command, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” and you will gradually come into an abiding knowledge of the LAW OF DIVINE OPERATION AND EXPANSION, and all things will follow that knowledge by manifestation in your life, circumstances, and environment. Try it. Try it for weeks, and months, and years. Do not begin and then after a few clays grow tired of it, and say “What is the use?" That is what the man said who slept while enemies sowed tares among his wheat. If you are half-hearted about it, let it alone. Do not say, “I tried it and it failed me,” as so many say who began with a half-hearted belief, and grew tired in a few days. They do not realize that they failed the Truth, the Truth did not fail them.

As these chapters are written more or less in the form of lessons, and I desire that my readers should regard them as such, let me request you to read them over several times, seek to understand them before reading further, try to apply the teaching to your life. In this way you will assimilate the Truth. To read anything over once, and Without much thought and earnest study of the subject to come to a conclusion regarding it, is worse than useless; better not read at all. I would earnestly ask you to experiment with the Truth that I am seeking to bring before you. Apply it to some good in your life. Choose one of the many blessings you possess, think about it, imagine how much happier you would be, how much more useful if you had more of that particular good. Think how your life would expand, and how your opportunities would grow. Then give it the Divine Command, first thing in the morning while the mind is clear and calm, and again at night as you sink into sleep and rest—“BE FRUITFUL, AND MULTIPLY, AND REPLENISH MY LIFE.” Then go about your business, doing your very best in all the hours of every day. You need not worry about it. Leave it, as you give the command. Do not keep on examining it to see if it is increasing for that argues unbelief and anxiety. The little child digs up the seed he has planted to see if it is growing, but be    not impatient or unbelieving in that way, GIVE THE DIVINE COMMAND and go your way. TRUTH NEVER HAS FAILED AND NEVER WILL FAIL ONE HUMAN NEED.  

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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