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A New Method of Thinking

Before going any further with the subject let me, once more, repeat here that when I speak of “a new order of thought” I do not mean a new religion, nor a new law, but rather a new light on the one Truth that has been Truth from all Eternity. So when I write of the old order of thinking you will understand what I mean by those words—I mean how we thought when our eyes were more or less blinded by race beliefs, and our hearts hardened by false interpretations of the Truth. But, thank God, a great revelation of the Truth is coming to us, and so we begin to think from a New Standpoint. The great majority of people think from the starting point of the relative and limited. It is very necessary to be on one’s guard against this, and indeed, to the one who is still trammeled in the old order of thought, it seems the most natural and sane thing to do. “Seeing," they say, "is believing." “Surely,” they say, “I 

must believe my senses, my eyes see, and my hands feel, and my entire life is a proof of the limitations and poverty of existence; its uncertainty and sorrow." And here lies the greatest difficulty. It is well-nigh impossible to convince people that their physical senses have all along deceived them, and that they are not reliable guides. To the old order of thought this world is the only real world, and the physical senses the only senses. When our Lord, speaking from His new order of thought, said to His followers, "judge not by the outward appearance, but judge righteous judgment," He was speaking from quite another standpoint than the physical senses, and He was warning His listeners against judging by the sight of the eyes, or the hearing of the ears, and that expression, “righteous (or right) judgment,” certainly implied that there is another standpoint from which to judge life, apart from the physical senses. We also read in the Scriptures that, “He shall not judge by the seeing of his eyes, nor by the hearing of his ears, but will judge righteous judgment.” And did not the Apostle warn us against judging life from the standpoint of the relative and conditional, as seen, and felt, by the physical senses, when he said,

"While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

And just as there is a higher order of thought than the old thought that saw life and circumstances from the physical and material standpoint only, so also there is a higher order of feeling than that of the physical senses. How foolish it would appear to the average man if you told him that the most important things in life are thought and feeling. Yet let him examine his thought—the thought under the old order, and what will he find? Fretting, worry, envy of others who seem more fortunate, anxiety concerning almost everything he touches, uncertainty as regards results, and perpetual unrest. And the result of this order of thinking: confusion, limitation, failure, sickness, and poverty; or, if not actual poverty, then lack and limitation in many directions.

Now let us compare this with the New Order of Thought: Faith, Confidence, 

Knowledge of the Law, Creative Imagination, Certainty regarding results, Thankfulness and Gratitude. Bringing a further result still: Orderly sequence in all the affairs of life; Daily manifestations of the Truth of the Law of replenishment and fruitfulness in all undertakings; Perfect confidence in the outcome of every effort; Continual thankfulness and in creasing satisfaction and joy.

But really to enter into this new method of thinking we must first realize that this world, and all that makes up our world, is only the outward and visible working of an inward and invisible Law. We must see with our spiritual sight, and understand with our spiritual senses, that all we see, all we hear and feel by the aid of the physical senses, is only the correspondence of the Reality. Back of all phenomena lies the permanent essence of things, and when we know that we have an inner power by which we can use, and a spiritual perception by which we can know the essential and permanent Noumenon, then we can realize that the Law and Power with which we have to deal do not lie in outward things, nor are they known and understood by the physical senses. Back of all manifestations lies the Reality, or the Spiritual essence, and by a new order of thought, and a new method of thinking, we enter into that knowledge that brings peace. You may say the dictionary defines the Nonmenon as “the unknown and unknowable substance,” but all dictionary definitions, you must remember, are given from the standpoint of the intellect; they deal with things from the material, intellectual, and scientific standpoint, and truly from such a standpoint the Noumenon is “unknown and unknowable."

The supposed "unknown and unknowable" can only become knowable and known to us individually when we realize that the physical world by which we are surrounded is the unreal, and that the Real cannot be found except by a new order of thought and a new method of thinking. It is by Thought, and thought alone, that spiritual knowledge is possible, and when the individual begins to think from the spiritual instead of from the conditional, then gradually there will dawn upon the soul a perception of the Great Reality behind all appearances. What did the Apostle mean when he 

said, "But ye have the Mind of Christ”? and again, “Let this Mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus“? and in spite of the many times we hear it repeated, and see it written, do we really understand what these words mean— " As a man Thinketh in his heart so is he”? The Mind of Christ thought from the standpoint of the Real and Spiritual, for He knew that outward things were but the “passing shows” by which the multitude were deceived, while the Power that worketh all things remained hidden from them, Hidden, not by an arbitrary law, but by their own blindness and hardness of heart. "Neither would they believe though one rose from the dead,” said He, on one occasion. And again, and again, when we have tried to point out those verities to the people, and they have thrust the Truth from them, we, too, feel inclined to say, “Neither will they believe though one rise from the dead.”

To the material mind everything is material. To the mind chained to the conditional everything is viewed from the physical standpoint, and there is no law but the law of a man’s own calculations, exertions, scheming, and, when possible, getting the better of others.

Would you enter into this New Order of Thought? Would you begin this New Method of Thinking? Then here and now look away from the “passing show,” and deny that the material and physical are the Real, and affirm that the Spirit is the only Real; that back of the temporal and visible lies the Power that Worketh All Things; that in that Power you place all your confidence and trust, knowing that It can never fail you, and never has failed one soul that believed and trusted It. You may not at first be able to feel the Power, nor actually to realize that It is working with, and for, you. But the feeling will come, and the understanding will be given, and gradually you will begin to live as in that other world, the World of Reality, and you will cease to regard the conditional altogether, and will work from, and with, the Spiritual.

Then you will find that your whole order of thinking will change. Where before you would have given way to worry and anxiety, you will now know that all is well; that your life is not 

subject to conditions, and that the Real and Spiritual Forces of the Universe are on your side. Fretting will become impossible, for what can there be to fret about when the Good Law is understood, and the heart is filled with the confidence that gives perfect peace? Envy will no more enter into the mind, for the soul that knows must ever rejoice in the good of others, because there is no favoritism or partiality in the Good Law, for All Good is for All. There can no longer be any uncertainty about success, or the outcome of any effort or industry, for the soul that has entered into “the mind of Christ,” that is, the new method of thinking, there is only one Certainty and that is Good. Therefore the man (or the woman, as the case may be) rests in peace concerning all things. Unrest passes away like the cloud from the morning sky and the full sunshine of absolute rest and confidence shines upon the world into which he has entered.

To such a one confusion is unknown. The mind, resting in a knowledge of the Power That Worketh All Things, knows that as light is needed light will be given. He can never again work or walk in the dark. And as each problem or difficulty presents itself, with it will come the insight and wisdom to solve the problem, and to find a Way out of the difficulty. That sense of limitation that so dwarfs the life of man will gradually pass away, and in its place will come the triumphant and glorious conviction that we are heirs to all things; that no such thing as limitation in any direction can enslave the Sons of God. Until We know these things it is meaningless to us to read the words, “All Things Are Yours,” and the words of the Psalmist must be foolishness to us: "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”

Gradually, as you change your order of thought; daily, as you use this new method of thinking about your business, your work, your associations with your fellows, and everything that makes the world what it is for you, you will find changes taking place in everything with which you have to do. Things will alter for the better, even you, yourself, will become so changed, inwardly and outwardly, that you will begin to need a new knowledge of yourself! You will find yourself speaking in a new 

tongue; taking an interest in things that were of no consequence to you before; coming into close friendships with people who were strangers to you; and books will come your way that you would never have dreamed of reading before. In a thousand ways you will find help and happiness coming to you, and your body will be virtually “made over again," for with the new order of thought, and the new method of thinking, your health will spring forth speedily, and a new strength and energy will be created within you, and you will find yourself growing young again!

Said one to me the other day, one who a few years ago entered into the New Order of Thought—“ I am twenty years younger than I was when I first began to think along these lines!” How well could this writer understand, for through this New Method of Thinking I can do what I could not do twenty-five years ago!

Mind is the Master-power that molds and makes,
And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes
The Tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills,
Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills;—
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass;
Environment is but his looking-glass.

By Thought we rise; by Thought we fail; by
Thought We stand or go: all destiny is wrought
By its swift potency; and he who stands
Master of Thought, and his desires commands.
Willing and weaving thoughts of Love and Might.
Shapes his high end in Truth’s unerring Light.
—James Allen

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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