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The Clue That Tests Our Faith

One evening when thinking very deeply on spiritual matters, and especially on the subject of faith, I turned my thoughts to my own desires, and my own aspirations, and all at once, deep down somewhere within me, this question was asked: Would you be surprised if all you desire and pray for should come to you this moment? Now, here was a very pointed question, and one which I had to answer. WOULD I BE SURPRISED IF MY PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED THIS MINUTE? I have repeated the question in capital letters, because I want you to ask yourself the same question as earnestly and as persistently as I had to ask it that evening, alone in the silence. At once I realized the meaning of the question, and all that was involved in it. If an answer to my prayers, or, if the great desire of my heart (which is really the same thing) came just at this moment, and its coming should be a matter of very great surprise to me, THEN I AM NOT ASKING IN FAITH, BELIEVING! Oh, yes, it was very plain to me. Then the voice spake again, away down in the very depths of my heart, and it said,—Are you expecting the answer? Here was another question to be answered! Long after that I remained in meditation, questioning my heart, and examining my mind, putting my faith to the test, and at last I found myself nearer to a real, living, believing faith than I had ever been before. It would he impossible here to state all the avenues of thought that I had to take, until at last l was able, deep down in my heart, to answer that question and say,—I sincerely believe that I would not be one little bit surprised if my prayer was answered NOW THIS VERY MOMENT! And after a time of still further searching and waiting in meditation, l found I could go further still and say,—“Why, of course, my prayer IS ANSWERED NOW, this very moment, it is a reality in Heaven; it is in form in the Invisible, and I wait only for the manifestation of it on the material plane. I AM EXPECTING IT TO ARRIVE ANY MOMENT.“ Then I knew that I had a real faith, and my heart was filled so full of joy l seemed to be walking for days high above the earth in another world of perfect confidence in the absolute fulfilment of every pure desire.

Why should it be so hard to believe that prayer is heard and answered? Why should we go on just hoping and trusting" when GOD HAS SAID, “Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet to speak I will hear.”

Suppose some clearly loved friend sent a message to us one day, saying, "I am coming to see you this afternoon.” how we would wait for the sound of the approaching footsteps; how we would watch from our window, expecting him, or her, to arrive any moment. That is faith, faith in the word of the friend, we EXPECT their arrival any moment, and we are not a bit surprised when the moment of welcome and greeting is with us. There is a great big clue here, and yet withal so simple, so transparent, so easy to understand, that you must surely find the “hidden treasures” it will lead you to!

With such an active expectancy we shall continually find, and possess, all the treasures of life.

I want my book to help all those who are yearning for a real, active faith, those who long to reach that plane where they will know that their prayers are accepted, that they are actually answered in the Invisible, and that they can expect the visible and concrete answer to appear in the visible, and expect it with joy and gladness. Here are the three steps: from doubt to a perfect confidence; from perfect confidence to absolute assurance,—such assurance that we can visualize the answer as it is in the actual REALITY; EXPECTATION,—full, joyous, glorious EXPECTANCY of its arrival any moment.

Would you be surprised if it came now?

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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