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Still Greater Clues to the Secret of Health

Until I began to search for health for myself I had no idea there was so much in the Bible about “treasures,” and especially about "hidden treasures." I believe today, and with a stronger belief than ever before, that the Holy Scriptures contain all the knowledge and wisdom men and women need, if put into practice, to make this life wonderful beyond all our dreams; powerful beyond all imagination; blessed and happy beyond all the songs we have ever sung about the golden streets and the celestial bliss of the Heaven we have been taught to look forward to after death. But, alas, so few search the Scriptures to find these hidden treasures, and thousands are content to hear a few chapters read to them by their clergy every Sunday.

When l began to search for the clues to finding the Will of God concerning my physical body, and my material circumstances, I began to search the Scriptures right from the beginning. I studied the Books of Moses in a new light, and never before did I find so much hidden treasure as I found in them, and am finding in them every day. I marvel, as I read, that we do not spend hour after hour in the study of them; that we do not turn to them for guidance and wisdom in every part of our daily life. I ask myself: Are the people aware of the wonderful measures that are to be found by a diligent study of this the most wonderful of all books? Alas, I fear me, very few do know, and fewer care to know. Yet, men and women are forever seeking for happiness in the fleeting things of earth; they are forever seeking health by material means, and in many directions; spending money and time looking for it in many places, and never finding it! We are a far less healthy people than our fathers were. In spite of all our science, our medicines, and our operations, there is more disease and sickness in our midst today than ever were known before.

Listen to the snatches of conversation you hear in the street as you pass by. In nine cases out of ten the subject will be of sickness, operations, cancers, illnesses, or deaths. Is that not so? I declare I very seldom hear people felling one another joyful news, glad tidings, happy happenings, and giving each other words of praise and thanksgiving for many blessings. That is the reason why we see so many doleful faces everywhere. Our streets would be full of happy people, and there would be joyous words on every lip, and merry smiles on every face, if only the people would talk about health, happiness, and instead of telling mournful tales, they would pass on a much good news as possible. Why all this talk about sickness, ill-health, disease, operations, accidents, sorrows? Because the people have not found the clues to the hidden treasures of health, happiness, and plenty. They still imagine that life has to be an experience of pain, sickness, disease and trouble.

Now, do let us reason together for a while. Can any sane person think for one moment that this state of things is the Will of God concerning man? Did God make man slave of sickness and disease? Is it God’s work at all? Can it possibly be a part of God’s creation? Ask yourself these questions, dear reader; reason it out with yourself; yea, reason it out with God. Ask yourself: Who made man? It is not my intention to enter into any argument regarding the account of the Creation as given in the first Book of Moses. The Scriptures are read by some as symbols, by some as history, by some as wonderful literature, and by the few as having a deeply Spiritual and in mystic significance. But in whatever way you, my reader, may read those first chapters of the Book of Genesis, of one thing it is quite certain, GOD MADE MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS. The first condition of man was perfection. We cannot possibly get away from that. Further, it unequivocally declares, that when God had made man and looked upon the work of His Hands, He declared that His creation was very good. We do not read that God’s man was a slave to sin, a creature of weakness and ignorance; we have nothing whatever to hint that man came from the protoplasmic slime, as our learned doctors tell us today; but we read that man was men dominion over everything that was created, and over the earth as well. This was no gift to a weak and helpless creature! Think of it. Reason it out. Now, compare this creation, this God-made man, pronounced by the Creator Himself as Very Good, and to whom He gave dominion,—compare this man, I say, with the human kind today, and mark the difference. What do we find? Do we find perfection? Do we find mankind still exercising dominion? Alas, the answer is all too evident. We find sickness, disease, illnesses of all kinds, poverty, hunger, distress on every hand, and, so far from “having dominion," we find man the slave of infirmities of both body and mind; of circumstances and environment. Now, again I ask you: Did God make man so? Is this the work of the Creator? We know it is not; we know it cannot be. Then why is man not healthy? Why has he not dominion? Why is he not master of his circumstances and environment? The answer is: Because man has not, and will not, believe this glorious Truth about himself. Believing the lie about himself that his teachers have told him for so long, viz., that he is a child of the devil, and the slave of evil, he has become what he is today, the victim of sickness, disease and death. Have you not read in The Bible:—

“Seek not death in the error of your life, and pull not upon yourselves destruction with the work of your hands.

For God made not death, neither hath he pleasure in the destruction of the living.

For he created all things that they might have their being; and the generations of the world were healthful; and there is no poison of destruction in them, nor the kingdom of death upon the earth.

For righteousness is immortal.

But ungodly men with their works and words called it (death) to them; for when they thought to have it their friend they consumed to naught, and made a covenant with it, because they are worthy to take part with it."

If man had wished to keep his perfection, and dominion, he might have done so, but “he called death; unto himself," by willfully walking in the ways of sin and lust, and refusing to walk in the Way of Truth. Man, by his own volition; his own act, chose death rather than life, and in doing so, turned his back upon God, desiring rather to walk in the ways of impurity and unrighteousness. So, he came at last to believe the great lie that God had, made him heir to disease, pain, sickness, sorrow, and death. “And it shall come to pass that the people shall believe a lie." Man, at any moment, might have returned His Father; claimed his birthright as a child of God, made in His image and likeness, but he preferred not to do so (as many prefer not to do so now), or, in his ignorance has so completely lost his way, and his strange guides not see clearly enough to point it out to him. So, having lost the clue, man seeks health and deliverance from many other sources. Have you found the clue, dear reader? It was the finding of this clue that first brought hope to me, and turned my thoughts from my, more or less invalid body to the strong, healthy, robust body that I realized must be mine by Divine Right. God made ME in HIS image and likeness! God said that His creation was very good! Then I began to think, and once you begin to think, your salvation, physical, mental, and spiritual has begun. I was not satisfied with that clue alone. I searched the Scriptures for other clues, and I found that nowhere, in all God’s Word, was there one sentence to be found that could possibly allow any alteration, or make my change in that glorious Creation-Truth. Then I rejoiced! Oh, how I rejoiced! I refused to believe the lie about my body any longer. I made my claim to the first creation. I had vision upon vision of what God intended the physical life to be, and as my faith grew and my vision became clearer, I gradually rose out of weakness and invalidism into the robust and perfect health of a happy and joyous individual, rejoicing in my birthright as I child of God. I had found the clue! I was determined to find the hidden treasure. And I FOUND IT! Oh, I was in earnest. I wanted life to be all, in my experience, that I now knew God intended it to be. Dominion? Had I dominion? Indeed, no! I was an abject slave to physical weakness and ill health. And, oh the pity of it! I was being led, all the time, to believe that my condition was all right; that to suffer, and never wish for anything better, was the sign of a good Christian! God help us! If such be the intention of God; it such be the gospel of Jesus Christ, then we are indeed poor and miserable, and the sooner we are annihilated the better. But, Glory be to God, I KNOW it is not so, because I have found the clue, and I have searched for, and found such a measure of the hidden treasure, I KNOW what I say, and have experienced, is the TRUTH for all men and women, as well as for me.

There is a great deal of stupid sentimentality about illness, and the way the majority regard it. I suppose it is a part of the veil that sin has thrown over the eyes of the people. What a lot of sentimental rubbish has been written about suffering. We are afraid to tell the people straight out that our diseases, pains, and sufferings, are all mental, and have their origin in our own ignorance. I remember, many years ago, when I was called “an invalid” (and a precious lot of trouble and expense I must have been to my parents!)—I remember one day calling to my sisters from the top of a staircase, and as the dining room door opened I heard one of my elder sisters say,—“What a peevish voice she has, poor child, I suppose it is because she is never well." “A peevish voice!” Had I a peevish voice? The words went home with terrific force, and from that day I began to watch my voice and try to speak gently, and, really as I look back now after all those years, I believe my sister's words were he means of startling me into doing some thinking, young as I was. Yes I thank God for those strong words. We do far too much foolish talking about people’s weaknesses rid illnesses, and some good, strong, out-spoken words—words spoken in the spirit of sincerity and truth, would In more than we think to set people thinking. We have too long given a false glamour to sickness and disease. We have too long supposed suffering and sickness to be God's will, and one of the ways in which He uses for His Glory! Those words of St. Paul’s (I am sure he must be sorry he ever said them!) “When I am weak, then am I strong,” and, “I will glory in mine infirmities,” and, “My strength is made perfect in weakness,” have been made, tens of thousands of times, an excuse for invalidism and infirmity. I have read many books and articles which have made a kind of glory of ill-health. I have read much, and heard much, teaching in my time which have conveyed such false ideas about God’s will and God’s way for man, that I have wondered why the people worship God at all.

Dear reader, it is time that we laid aside all these, worse than foolish, ideas about God, and God’s creation. Take the clues I have already given you; search with them, and you surely will, as I did, find the hidden treasure of health, strength, energy and achievement.

In that little personal story I have just given you lies a wonderful clue. In fact, in this chapter there are a number of clues. Have you found them? If not, do not give up this wonderful, this gloriously-worth-while game. I noticed in that Treasure Hunt which gave birth to this book, that many of the guests found the clues somewhat puzzling at first, and they read, and read, and re-read them; and sometimes they carried them to others‘ asking for their help in deciphering them. Do you the same. Don’t give up the clue. The Treasure is so precious!

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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