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Clues to the Glorious Destination of Man

Once upon a time our Puritan fathers used to sing—

‘Nothing is worth a thought beneath,
But how I may escape the death
That never, never dies."

We do not make use of such words today, first because we know that there is no such thing as a “death that never, never dies,” and secondly because we know that LIFE is for something infinitely greater and grander than that. Life has become, and is increasingly becoming, something more than a perpetual effort to escape from what men called “death.” Life is a great and grand opportunity to regain that Divine Life which the race lost through ignorance and sin. Man is turning to the Inward Light as the flower turns to the sun, and he is gradually growing into the consciousness of Eternal Life. We know now that Life means vastly more than a means of escaping from a supposed endless death. There are many clues for those who have eyes to see and hearts to understand; clues that will eventually lead us all into the knowledge of THAT LIFE that knows no death. This book of mine is a living testimony to my belief that the time is not far distant when the race will begin to live so that physical death will be overcome. As l have said in an earlier chapter, the whole teaching of the Scriptures points to this, and I verily believe that Jesus intended His words to convey this truth to the people. When He said that whosoever believed on Him out of them should flow rivers of living water, I am positive He was referring to perpetual life in a body from which death would be excluded. “I have come that ye might have life,” said He, “and that ye might have it more abundantly.” I repeat, He never talked of death. Never once did He speak of physical death with the exception of that once when the disciples forced Him to say. “Lazarus is dead.” He said, "he sleepeth,” but they could not understand His words, so they forced Him into saying that he was dead. He would not acknowledge His own experience as “death,” but only as a “going away.” for He knew that death had no power over the physical body in which He manifested to men. Did you ever think of the real truth about the Mount of Transfiguration? Do you really think that His body was changed from what it ordinarily was? Nay, but the eyes of Peter, James and John were opened to see Him as He always was; to see His physical body as all our physical bodies should be, and would be, if we walked in His ways, living as He lived, and thinking the thoughts that He thought. It is not the death of the body that God wills for mankind, but the TRANSFIGURATION on THE BODY on FLESH INTO THAT DIVINE SUBSTANCE THAT CAN NEVER KNOW DEATH. We have died, and will die again, and again, until we have, by the power of transmutation, changed our present physical bodies with all their passions and animal tendencies, into the Divine Substance which is the Image and Likeness of the Eternal One,—the original condition of the Sons of God. Man caused death to come upon himself, and man must vanquish death. Is it not declared in the Scriptures that “the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death”? Why have we made such a glorious thing of death? Death is not something to be praised and eulogized. Death is the outcome of sin. We die because we have not yet learnt (nor have we been taught, alas!) how to change these bodies of ours into their pristine purity and divinity. And when it has been hinted at by the few who have known, it has been combatted by the many, and men have put it from them as a fairy tale. Even our so-called teachers have laughed it to scorn. When men and women know that death is not essentially a part of life; when they realize, that, far from being the blessed and desirable thing they in their ignorance have thought it to be; when they know that it is something to be overcome, risen above, and led captive—then they will begin to ask (and some are asking) “How can death be overcome?” And the one answer is,—Through the purification and transmutation of the physical body. And this is the actual outcome of all religion. Men have in their blindness imagined that religion was for the saving of what they called “the soul” after the death of the physical body. But, when we understand the Bible, and especially the Words of Jesus, we see that it does not mean anything short of the redemption of the physical body. LIFE is the ultimate of all religious teaching. Life, Everlasting Life in the renewed, transmuted, glorified physical body. And this LIFE must come to the race. It has to come, for the word has gone forth—“the last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”

We can conceive but one answer to the GREAT HOW? and that is by man himself rising out of all that is perishable in his physical body, into his essential and potential divinity, by the might of his birthright as a Son of God. Listen,—If man had the free will to "call death unto him,” then he has also the free will to destroy it in himself. Death is not going to be removed by some extraordinary dispensation of miracle and wonder. God did not make death, and God will not remove it. Man made it by his sin, his cultivation of the animal passions and tendencies, AND MAN MUST REMOVE IT. And man will ultimately remove it. He will do it by the purification and transmutation of his physical body. This was the message of Jesus the Christ to the world. “I have come that ye might have LIFE.” “He that believeth on me shall never die." We have not accepted the Life He came to bring us, and we certainly have not believed in Him, or His message. Hence we die the death. His message meant the growth of man into the Divine—Oneness with God. “I and my Father are ONE.” “As I live, ye shall live also.” What we call His “death” was not the end of His physical body, for that could not be destroyed; it had no seeds of death in it. What we call His death, I repeat, was the Great Sacrifice of being willing to renounce His glorified body (the body the disciples saw on the Mount) and, for the world‘s sake, pass through the crucifixion. But death had no dominion over Him; the grave could not hold the glorified body of Jesus! And as it was with Him, the messenger of Lite, so will it be with the whole race in the fullness of time. He was, and is, the first born among many brethren.

When shall these things be? It has been asked by every generation down through the ages. “Enoch was not for God took him.” Elijah was taken up in the chariot of fire. We read that Moses died “and God buried him.” God could not bury any man Moses was on this earth plane one day, and he was never seen again. So they said Moses died, and because they could not find his burial place they said, “God buried him.” What has happened once, twice, and three times in the history of the race, will happen again, and more often, and who can tell that it is not happening now, though men know it not.

Many in this Age are cognizant of these things, and many know, but are silent. Some see signs of the Advent, for it is the next great awakening. Death is but a clumsy Way of passing from one plane to another. Indeed, it may be a very useless way, taken only to turn round and come back again to take up the unfinished work.

When man finds the clue to Life he will begin straight away to destroy within himself the “last enemy,” for it is there, in man (in his body) that it must be destroyed. The regeneration of the body is the real meaning of “working out your own salvation,“ and no salvation is complete that leaves the physical body out of the scheme of redemption.

Man may begin now, if he will. The way lies through his own will. It begins with the purification of the mind. It is the mind of man that will do the great work oi gradually and patiently transmitting all that is of the earth earthly, of the flesh fleshly, into all that is of the Divine and Spiritual. Man will know that within his own body is the Tree of life with its many branches (the Solar Plexus) and he will know that by retaining the seeds of life within himself, and not allowing them to pass clown to the animal nature, he will find that “the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing” of all his being, body no less than soul and spirit. “The river of Life” is within man, not outside the man; within the woman, not outside the woman. Here is a great and Wonderful clue. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear! Here is the clue to the goal of all life; the consummation of all hope; the end of all faith. Here is the mystery of “He that is born of God cannot sin.”

Lest this way to Lite seem too hard and difficult, and to some impossible, let me remind you again that MAN IS ALL-POWERFUL. He has DOMINION. For a time, what seems to us to be eons of time, he may have forgotten that he ever had dominion, but that does not alter the Truth. Man, made in the image and likeness of God is not a “worm of the earth,” he is not a poor miserable sinner, unless he has chosen to be so. Man can use the same power to rise as he used to fall. The same free will that he exercised to become “a worm and no man," he may exercise to become “a prince in the house of David.” Do not believe that lie that has been foisted upon the human family, that tells you human nature is a degraded thing, a weak and helpless thing. I declare I will write and talk about the divinity of human nature, and the beauty and nobility of the human heart. I will cry aloud to all the human family,—“Do not believe the lie that you are lost and undone, depraved and degraded ; YOU ARE NOT, you are divinely beautiful, made after the image of the King of Kings; endowed with strength that is mightier and more wonderful than you just now have any idea of, but the knowledge of which will break upon you day by day as you turn from the animal nature to the Son of God nature within you; from the flesh to the Spirit, and KNOW YOURSELF TO BE A SON OF GOD.”

"Beloved now are we the sons of God!" Oh, what a wonderful clue to LIFE is contained in those words! "For as in Adam all died. even so IN CHRIST (the Christ
Life) shall all be made alive."

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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