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Clues to Life's Treasures

Life holds many secrets, and is ever waiting to reveal them to that heart that is earnestly seeking to find them. l say “many secrets," and yet, when we have discovered one of her secrets, we find that it is only gust a very small part of One Great Secret—The Whole, and Indivisible Truth.

We shall never discover the secrets of life by looking for them on the surface of things. Life is, after all, a great Treasure Hunt, and we are not without many clues as to where the treasures are hidden, but many of us fail in our quest because we do not recognize the clues which we hold in our hands; the many clues, indeed, that lie all around us. So, the treasures of life, and the way to find them, remain a secret, hidden from the many, for few there be that find them.

I was present at a Treasure Hunt given at a Christmas Party a while ago, and to me the whole thing, from beginning to end, presented a wonderful and telling symbol of Life. Each guest was given a clue. To one a poem, to another a symbolical picture, others had mysterious messages written in a language of symbol or allegory. It took many of them a little time to unravel the meaning of their clues, and even then, when they had discovered the meaning, it was only to find another clue, hid so on, each one directing them to still another, until at last the treasure was uncovered.  

One lady, who had discovered a number of clues, was at last so puzzled that she called me to assist her to unravel a very great mystery. She was to find a great virtue, covering that which would be regarded by many as a very great vice, and between the virtue and the vice she would find her next clue. After some searching we came across a little box with the word “patience” engraved upon the cover, and it contained a set of playing cards! Here assuredly was the great virtue covering that which many consider a great vice! Pressed into the cover of the box was her next clue. But even this was not by any means the last, though eventually she found her treasure. It was a most interesting game and thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Looking on, as I did, I too enjoyed it, and found in it, and in the clues, the searchings, the findings, and finally the possession of the treasure, a wonderful symbol of Life, with its many secret clues, and hidden treasures.

One of the first essentials to the finding of Real Life, and its hidden treasures, is to know that “things are not what they seem.” Until one realizes that the material world around us is not the Real World at all; that what are regarded as material forces are not the real forces at work; that what seems so solid and actual is not the Real; until we realize that the things that are seen are ephemeral. we shall never find the hidden treasure, and the wording of the clue will remain a mystery, even a meaningless thing to us.

Then another thing was impressed upon my mind, and that was that no two persons had the same clue, and when at last they found the treasure, no two found the same thing, but to each seeker the treasure turned out to the one thing they needed, so thoroughly had each we been considered, and so kindly had each need been met.

Again, I said to myself, how like life this game is! Truly, we each need the Truth presented to us according to our physical, mental, and spiritual condition, and as our actual knowledge is so limited, we can only give our own experience as to the clues we have discovered, and the treasures we have found, and so hope that it may help others to understand their clues, and find the hidden treasure that they need to make life complete and happy. Nevertheless, the secret is one and the same, even as Truth is one and the same, and when each one has understood the clue and found the secret, they will find the Treasure, and in finding it will find freedom and happiness, satisfaction and blessedness, though expressed in different ways according to individual needs.

The reason why life is so unsatisfactory to many, sad to others, and a dreary monotony to a great number, is because they have given it a surface value only; because they are regarding Life from the wrong standpoint, and making that which is only a travesty of it, into Life itself. They hold the clue to Heaven in their hands, yet they pass by the treasure every day, their eyes being holden they cannot see it. They are looking in the wrong place, seeking for it where it can never be found.

What are the treasures we are all seeking? Can they be found? Where can they be found? I am not writing now of what are commonly called “spiritual blessings.” That is, I am not drawing a line of demarcation between some things as earthly, and other things as heavenly or spiritual. The great Teacher never did so. If we study the sayings of The Christ and earnestly seek to find out the meaning of His message to the world, we shall find that nearly all He said had reference to this life, its happiness, its work, its sincerity, its abundance of good things, its supply, and the unlimited Source of that supply; its perfect freedom and complete happiness and satisfaction. I cannot understand how it ever came to be taught that Jesus was forever talking about some other world, and that all His teachings, and all His wonderful and beautiful promises, were for some life beyond the grave! You will find that He said very little about any other life until just on the eve of His departure and then He would not allow His disciples to think of it as death, and He never spoke of it as death but, as another place, one of the many mansions, or better interpreted, “tarrying places.” It was always life, always life, but the greatest of His messages, and the greatest number of them, were all about this earth life. When I first found this clue, and went to my New Testament to prove it, to my astonishment I found that He said very little indeed about any other life, and that He never mentioned death at all except He used it in a symbolical sense of being “dead in trespasses and sins.” To be separated in consciousness from God, a stranger to the Great Peace—that, alone, was death in the mind of the Teacher. Once He said “Lazarus is dead,” but on that occasion He was forced to use the expression to His disciples, as they could not understand Him when He said “Our friend sleepeth.” He did not want to say “Lazarus is dead.” His whole message was for this life, and all He said about blessedness, happiness, justice, virtue, righteousness, purity, forgiveness, reconciliation, abundance, freedom, joy, and all those beautiful things that go to the making of a life perfectly rounded in beauty and happiness—all these things were for men and women here and now. And the reason why we have missed the clues to all these abundant blessings is because we have never understood His message aright, for we have always given it a meaning He never intended we should. We have blindly and ignorantly misunderstood His words, and so we have gone poor and miserable in this world, groaning under burdens that never belonged to us, suffering a condition of body, called ill-health, which God never meant that we should suffer, and altogether mistaking the whole purpose of Life.

When this Truth first broke in upon my consciousness it startled me! I was almost afraid to think about it, it seemed too good to be true! Was it possible I had discovered a secret! A wonderful, beautiful, precious secret that was going to transform my whole life, body, soul and spirit; my whole experience, circumstances, and environment? Could it be real, or was it only another illusion, another dream, from which I should awaken? Not that I was the first to make the discovery, neither did l imagine there was in any sense a new revelation made to be alone. That never entered my mind. If I had discovered a hidden treasure I intuitively knew that I had come upon the secret of the saints, the alchemists, the faithful of all time, and that much I had read in the scriptures, and in many, many good and prophetic books, and that I had not in the least understood, was at last being made clear to me,—to me! That was what seemed too good to be true!

Then I began to read the sayings of Jesus in another light altogether, for hitherto I had read them as mystical guides to a life beyond the grave; a teaching for the soul-life only, and never for the physical life; regarding them as having reference to some other lite far away in the future, when this life had ended—and doing so, I had failed to find the Secret of Life, for many things He said were meaningless to me. I had not found the clue. It was the same with the Old Testament. I only comprehend a very, very small part of the meaning of what I read. How could l enter into the meaning of the Covenant? How could l know “the secret of the Lord,” while I read the Scriptures as a guide to another life only? A guide to another lite they certainly are, and we must never overlook that, but they are still more a guide to this life. And of this I feel sure, that we must first of all make them a guide to the earth life, and find in them the clues to the Earthly Treasure or hardly shall we find in them the guide to the Heavenly Treasurer You will remember The Blessed One said on one occasion, “If I have told you of earthly things and ye believe not, how shall ye believe if I tell you of heavenly things?” Of one thing we may be quite sure, and that is, if we build the foundations of our earth life upon “the secret of the Lord,” and if we take all the clues in seeking for the blessings and happiness of our earth experience from the Word of Revealed Truth, we need have no worry about any life to come, for that life must be the continuation of this life, a lengthening out of the earth experience, and if have built on the foundations of Truth here, all will be well there. Indeed, there comes a time in the soul's experience when it ceases to make an end here, and a beginning there, for it knows that life is one and indivisible, “end and beginnings are dreams.”

Now, what are the treasures we are all seeking for? We are all and always seeking for happiness, prosperity, success, fullness of life, materially, and (though we may not realize it) spiritually. Here are a few of the treasures we all long for:—Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness, Friendship, Opportunity, Beauty, Loveliness, Unlimited Good, Success in our Work—all good and desirable things. Can these treasures be found? and, Where are they to be found? My book is an answer to both questions.

Good Health is a treasure all are seeking. We cannot do without it if life is to be worth living. I am going to tell you, simply, and with the utmost sincerity, how I found the clue to perfect health, and why I believe perfect health to be the birthright of every man and every woman. If you accept my message, then you also will find the clue, and it will lead you to the finding of the treasure of perfect health.

Surely there never was a time when simplicity, sincerity and conviction were needed as they are today. How can I tell you, my reader, of the clue I have found, and of the Treasure to which it led me, unless I write with simplicity, sincerity and conviction? How can I impress you with the truth of my message, and the reality of the clue and the Treasure to which it will lead you also, unless I write from a real experience? It must be my own experience too; not the experience of another, told to me, but my very own experience. Otherwise my words will carry no weight; they will not convince you. If I should write from the many books that are published, saying, So and So says this, and So and So says that, my words will pass you by as a “tale that is told.” But, if I say to you,—This I know because I have experienced it. I have found the Treasure of perfect health, and I am going to give you the clue so that you may find it too,—then my words will have weight and power, and they will carry such conviction with them that you too will become a seeker for the same Treasure. Believe me, this Treasure has been hidden from men and women in the past only because they have not understood the Will of God for us.

So long as it is believed that it is God’s Will that men and women should be sick and diseased, so long will they experience what they believe. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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