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How often in company one may have to listen to others speaking of sickness, or so-called misfortunes. One feels it is such a waste of time, and yet common politeness (which is another name for kindness) prevents one from telling the speakers so. I have often been asked, “What is one to do when one finds oneself in such company, and compelled to Listen to such conversations?" The only thing to do is to keep reversing the thought. Try it next time you hear any one talking about sickness and you have to listen. Use this clue, keep on saying to yourself mentally:—

“In God there is no sickness, all is health, happiness, harmony. We are in heaven now because we are in His Presence, and in Him we live, move and have our being, therefore all is Wholeness, Blessedness, Peace.”

Keep on saying this while you look at the speaker, over and over again mentally repeat the affirmation, all the time reversing the other’s thought, or the thought of the company in which you are for the time being. It is wonderful how it acts. Try it. At times the whole conversation will change without any interference on your part, and you will hear the people about you talking of more joyous and real things. At other times quite naturally, and in perfect order, an opportunity will be given you tactfully to change the whole subject and introduce just the opposite; people will begin to talk more joyously and happily, not knowing that the power has gone out from you, and changed their whole thought-life. This has been the writer’s experience over and over again. I have for years practiced "reversing the thought," and have never found it fail.

Sometimes one hears people talking about lack of opportunity; lack of means to accomplish desirable ends; lack of money, and limitations of all kinds. Here is a wonderful clue to use on such occasions. At once reverse the thought. Mentally keep pace with the speaker, affirming:—

“God is our Supply, and in Him there is no lack. Man is the expression of God, and the means whereby God is expressed to the world. God cannot express lack of any kind for He is Omnipotent; He openeth His hand, and suplieth the want of every living thing. In Him we have all things and abound."

So keep on reversing the thought of the one who is speaking, silently affirming the opposite TRUTH to the error being expressed by the spoken word of that other. Probably you will be asked what you think of it, and then will be your opportunity of telling the glorious gospel of the ABUNDANT LIFE and the EVER OPEN HAND OF GOD. You will be able to point out that all lack is seeming only, and it appears real because we are looking at conditions instead of at God. You will be able to teach them how to reverse the thought of their own lack or poverty, and how to affirm with perfect faith that God is able to supply all their need according to his riches in Glory by Christ Jesus. You will tell them the Gospel of the lilies of the field, and of the fowls of the air, and they too will come to see that in Him there can be no lack.

Often and often you will find it necessary to reverse your own thought. Someone seems to speak unkindly to you, or of you. You feel hurt. To harbor the thought will lead to unhappiness, misunderstanding, estrangements, and other undesirable feelings. Here is your clue—reverse the thought. Say mentally:—

“There can be no unkindness in heaven, and heaven is here now, all around me, and my friends or neighbor’s heart is also the image and likeness of the All-Father, she (or he) could not be unkind, or insincere. I will, and do, see Christ in my friend, and all his, (or her) thoughts are kind, and lender, loving and true.”

Try it and see for yourself the result. It is so Wonderful and beautiful how thus reversing the thought actually brings a glad song to the lips, as well as awakening glorious harmonies in the heart, and one’s soul is lifted up, and up, on the wings of joy.

Often this writer has been healed of pain almost instantaneously, by reversing a thought of illness. The body suggests pain or weariness. Listen to it, give in to it, and you are done! But reverse the thought, strongly in such words as:—

“God is my strength and in Him is no pain. I cannot be sick because He is never sick, and IN HIM I live, and move, and have my being. There is perfect Wholeness and perfect harmony in God, and I am in Him."

Keep at it, and gradually as you repeat those affirmations of Truth the sense of pain will lessen, and the next thing you will find is that you have lost it altogether. The weariness too will have vanished, and you will mount up on wings as of eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint.

If you turn to the dictionary you will find that the meanings given to the word reverse are to overthrow, to make void, to annul. When you reverse an error thought, or silently, with divine insight and spiritual force, reverse the word of error, you are overthrowing it, making it void, annulling it. And the Power of Good, the Divine Power of Truth must prevail over error. This will give you faith in the power of reversing the thought, or the words, of error. You will find too that the silent forces, being the strongest forces, your thought, held with persistent and faithful determination to make the evil null and naught to the mind of the one that is held in the meshes of sense, will be far more powerful to heal, correct, and lead into Truth than any arguments or disquisitions you may make by the spoken words. Reverse in Silence, and the time will come when you will never be taken unawares, but your mind will, at the very moment of hearing error voiced, begin to reverse the thought, and practice will make easy what was at first difficult.

This reversing all thoughts or suggestions of evil, or not-good is in reality a falling back upon omnipotence. It is a recognizing of GOD AS THE ONE POWER. It can be used under every circumstance of life, and in all happenings. Should a thought arise that tends in the slightest way to make the mind uneasy or unhappy, at once reverse it by the opposite thought. A thought of loss should at once be reversed by the thought that nothing can be lost in God, for nothing can get outside God. God knows where all things are, and nothing can be out of the ken of God. Hold that thought against the thought of loss, and then go about your duty with a glad heart, and you will experience that nothing is ever lost, and be it but a misplaced tool, or thimble, or glove, or purse, you will put your hand upon it just where you left it when you imagined it was lost. And so it is with all error thought. “I am too poor, I cannot afford this or that pleasure or necessity,” is often heard from the lips of people who do not understand the law of life. Perhaps you, dear reader, have said it many times, and may even now be tempted to believe it, and say it. Make up your mind now that you will NEVER SAY IT, or THINK it again. Here is your clue. Reverse the thought before it becomes the spoken word. Say:—

“Son, thou art ever with me, and ALL THAT I HAVE IS THINE. ALL Good is mine, and every joy and every treasure, and every blessing, and every bit of riches the universe holds—all is for me, for me, for me! I am rich with the riches of the Father’s Kingdom.”

Reverse the thought so, and very soon the thought of lack or poverty will pass away into its native nothingness, and you will find much good coming into your life. Remember it is “as a man thinketh.” that molds and forms his life, and makes him as he is. So may you learn how to reverse all that is of error, and affirm all that is of Truth and The Eternal Good.

Nevertheless it may be necessary to utter a word of warning for those who need it. Please notice that I am not telling you to deny the pain in your hand or your head. I am not telling you to say "I have no pain," for that would be foolishness. Neither am I telling you to say "I have no lack,” for that would be foolish also. I am not telling you that you have no sense of pain or weariness, no sense of lack or poverty. You have a sense of all these it may be, and very acutely too, and it would be absolute folly for me to tell you to deny it! But what I want you to do is to deny that they are divine in origin, and that they have any part in God. The clue I give you is, “IN GOD there is no sickness. IN GOD is all health, all happiness, all harmony.” That is Truth, is it not? Then this also is truth:—IN HIM WE LIVE, AND MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING.

Then in Him we are essentially in health, happiness and harmony! It cannot be otherwise. That is the real way of reversing error, and voicing the TRUTH, and YE SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
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