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Intimations and Promptings

We see but half the causes of our deeds
Seeking them wholly in the outer life,
And heedless of the encircling spirit world,
Which, though unseen, is felt, and sows in us
All germs of pure and worldwide purposes.
But whoso answers not God's earliest call
Forfeits or dulls that faculty supreme
Of lying open to his genius,
Which makes the wise heart certain of its ends.

There is no question but that every one receives in a greater or less degree intimations and promptings which come from some source higher than his own consciousness. There is as little question that both his happiness and his success are to be measured by his recognition of the Vision, his obedience to the Voice. Not only that, but he is responsible, too, for the degree in which he receives the higher intimations. These grow numerous or fade away altogether, according to the quality of life. It may be held so pure, so receptive to all high influences, so noble in its aspiration, as to furnish the right conditions for these finer promptings; or it may so degenerate into the material, the selfish, the self-centered, as to become deaf and blind and unresponsive to them. To gain a trifle—merely a transient trifle at that—many often sacrifice the one irresistible and all-conquering force, spirit power.

Balzac emphasizes this truth when he says in Seraphita:

'Do for God what you do for your ambitious projects, what you do in consecrating yourself to Art, what you have done when you loved a human creature, or sought some secret of human science. Is not God the whole of science, the all of love, the source of poetry? Surely, His riches are worthy of being coveted! His treasure is inexhaustible, His power infinite, His love immutable, His science sure and darkened by no mystery. Be anxious for nothing. He will give you all. Yes, in His heart are treasures with which the petty joys you love on earth are not to be compared. What I tell you is true; you shall possess His power; you may use it as you would use the gifts of love. Alas! men doubt; they lack faith and will and persistence...One thought borne inward, one prayer Uplifted, one echo of the Word within us, and our souls are forever changed... The soul is ceaselessly joyful... The final life, the fruition of all other lives to which the powers of the soul have tended, and whose merits open the Sacred Portals to perfected man, is the life of Prayer? Who can make you comprehend the grandeur, the might, the majesty of Prayer 1 There are privileged beings, Prophets, Seers, Messengers, and Martyrs, all those who suffer for the Word and who proclaim it; such souls spring at a bound across the human sphere, and rise at once to Prayer. So, too, with those whose souls received the fire of faith. Be one of those. God welcomes boldness. Know this, the torrent of your will is so all-powerful that a single emission of it, made with force, can obtain all; a single cry, uttered under the pressure of faith, suffices. Be one of such beings, full of force, of will, of love! Be conquerors on the earth!... Thus the separation takes place between matter, which has so long wrapped its darkness round you, and spirit, which was in you from the beginning.

'Then you will no longer feel convictions, they will have changed to certainties. The Poet utters, the Thinker meditates, the Righteous acts; but he who stands upon the borders of the Divine World prays, and his prayer is word, thought, action in one!... The universe belongs to him who wills, who knows, who prays; but he must will, he must know, he must pray,—in a word, he must possess force, wisdom, faith."

To recognize the Vision, listen to the Voice, to be open perpetually to the divine promptings, is to come to that spiritual plane on which thought and action are one; where achievement lifts itself outside visible causes or forms. Prayer is simply the union of the human Spirit with the Divine. It comprehends within itself all potency. 'When you possess the faculty of praying without weariness, with love, with force, with certainty, with intelligence, your spiritualized nature will presently be invested with power. The quickness of spirit becomes yours.'

There is something wrong when life becomes a drudgery or a weariness. It is like making a journey over the continent on foot, instead of taking a lightning-express train.

It is possible to rise to the region of creative power where thought is the force that produces swift results. Force, will, and love are the conquerors. 'The universe belongs to him who wills, who knows, who prays.'

Success in life is simply coming in touch with these spiritual forces. It is the truth implied in the words of Jesus when He said: 'Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you.' Seek first the kingdom of heaven—the realm of spirit force ; then all other things follow. The kingdom of heaven is 'joy and peace and love in the Holy Ghost.' Life, then, to be successful, to be lived in this kingdom of heaven, should be joyful, loving, and beautiful in its serene peace.

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Lilian Whiting

  • Born on October 3rd, 1859 in Niagara Falls, New York and died in 1942
  • Author and journalist
  • Edited The Boston Traveler and The Boston Budget

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