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We Cannot Be Cheated

Ideas take root in the soil of man’s mind according to its condition.
—Rosy Cross

The universe is full of ideas. Ideas are falling into the various minds of men. One idea finds a place in my mind, another finds a place in yours. If we become interested in a certain subject, idea will follow idea upon that subject; and all will be received into our minds. Here, for instance, are ideas concerning politics, conditions to relieve humanity, church interests, home, and the development of our consciousness, which leads us to understand ourselves as souls. Now these ideas are all good, all have their places; but some of us are conscious of a very few ideas in one direction, while we are filled to overflowing with ideas on another line.

“In burning a coal pit, after several months had elapsed, plants came up which were unknown to that part of the country. A well was dug over one hundred feet deep, and the pile of clay lay in the sunlight and darkness, in the cold and heat, and the next year produced a crop of weeds that were not to be found in the country anywhere about.”

There is a weed known as “fireweed” that springs up after the soil is killed by burning.

A scientist says that a drop of nitric acid applied to a piece of fresh-broken granite revealed under the microscope numerous living beings similar to animalculae found in stagnant water. It is thus shown that what takes root or grows or comes into visible expression is like unto the soil from which it springs. So ideas take root in the mind “according to its condition.''

Men suffer all their life long under the foolish superstition that they can be cheated. —Emerson

Here is an idea that has taken root. What is worry? What is disappointment? What is anger? What is unhappiness?

Are they not the results of a foolish idea that we are being cheated?

Whoever worried except from the fear of not having what he wanted or felt he ought to have?

And this is certainly a fear of being cheated. Yes, cheated out of happiness, prosperity, out of love, friends, home, and health. We have fooled ourselves.

Emerson goes on to say, “But it is as impossible for a man to be cheated by anyone but himself as for a thing to be and not to be at the same time.”

Is this not true? We cannot be cheated by another, but we do cheat ourselves. Let us get some soil for our minds, soil in which nothing but beautiful flowers can grow,—not a soil that can grow weeds. Then these worry ideas and unhappy ideas and ideas of disease that are floating around will not lodge in our minds; for there will be no attraction in the soil or condition of mind to draw them. Let us determine from this hour not to cheat ourselves.

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