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True Relations

And I will show that there is no imperfection in the present, and can be none in the future.
And I will show that whatever happens to anybody, it may be turned to beautiful results.
—Walt Whitman

When we have experienced a thing, when we have found a truth, we can give it to another in a more convincing way than if we are only theorizing about it. For we not only give a truth in telling it to another, but the force of the experience is felt as well. When we sit quietly and think about it, is there any imperfection in the present i Then there can be none in the future. I think of a kaleidoscope as I write. I can remember when a child that I possessed one. It was very interesting to me to look into it; and, as I turned it slowly in my hand, keeping my eye at the small opening, the pieces of colored glass fell into such beautiful relations to each other. Never were they twice alike in their arrangement. The deep rich colors of the glass, crimson, purple, yellow, green, blue, white, and all the various shades, the pieces of glass, all different in size and shape, yet, when slowly turned, they fell into such beautiful pictures.

Then I would look at the large end of the kaleidoscope, and all was changed. There were no beautiful pictures at that end. The pieces of glass did not even look pretty. I remember removing them, and being very much disappointed. Looking from the right standpoint, all our experiences blend into one another, making a beautiful whole. Taken separately, from the wrong standpoint, all is meaningless, as are the small pieces of glass, and just as disappointing. I have been in great distress of mind, my difficulty has filled my horizon, when at the time I was trying to live above the personal self. All has been discouraging, distressing, when suddenly I have said to myself: Let me see this in its true relation to things. I have been looking at it alone. I have taken it, and separated it from everything. As I have thought thus, desiring only to do whatever was right, my illumination has come. Seen in its true relation it was harmonious and perfect. Know, then, that, no matter what comes to you, it can be “turned to beautiful results.”

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Katharine H. Newcomb

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