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Spiritual Force

Great men are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world.

If we begin with uncivilized man, we will observe that all that he gains for himself comes through physical or material force. He works entirely in the external, fighting and struggling for all that he gets.

If we follow him further in his evolution, we will still observe that he works in the external, although he does not fight or struggle in quite the same way. But he feels that he must make an effort to get what is his; that, if he does not, someone will take from him or prevent his getting his own. If he is insulted or injured by another, he must fight it out. If he is misunderstood, he must at least explain matters and set things straight, all effort being made to have everything right in the outer world. Even today the majority of men believe in physical or material force, to the exclusion of the spiritual, or inner, force.

In the past, we sent our messages by horsemen. Today one man can send messages over the entire world in the shortest possible time simply by using a small instrument: that is a result of spiritual force, thought. For the instrument is externalized thought. The time is coming, has already come to some, when no instrument will be necessary. Each will realize that he is his own battery, and needs no wire for his messages to travel upon. The great man is he who not only believes, but who has come to a realization that all power is within himself, that all growth comes through thought first, and, as a result of thought, realization.

So, in reality, “thoughts rule the world.” When we become conscious of this, we know we can become all that we desire to be, absolutely. No one can say to me, “Thus far can you go”; for I realize that I am a law unto myself.

It is as easy to be great as to be small. —Emerson

Do we believe this? Let us see if it is true. We are all living as if it were easier to be small. All my patients tell me that it is so hard for them to give up thinking about themselves and all that is uncomfortable in their bodies and surroundings; in other words, that it is easier for them to be small than great. They tell me that they desire to be happy and well. They think they do, but they do not. They want first of all to indulge themselves in selfishness,—maybe only to a small extent; and, after that, they wish to be happy and well. We can use electricity to kill or to cure. All our difficulties are the result of a misdirected force. We can use this force to bring disease or health, happiness or unhappiness. We regulate this force by our thought. If I will turn my thought wholly on the positive side, leaving out doubts and fears; if I will say to myself: My body is the least part of me. I, a Soul, govern and control,—if I will persistently and cheerfully think in this way, I shall become aware that these thoughts are becoming a reality to me. The doubts and fears are growing less. They are becoming less and less real: they are fading away. I have changed my mental attitude from the negative to the positive. Where I was once blind to this wonderful force, I now see the results of it. I am at last coming into the consciousness that it is as “easy to be great as small.” And from this time on there is no excuse whatever for my yielding or returning to the negative or small side of my nature. I know the truth; and, when we know the truth, we will live it.

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