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Small Things

Despise not the day of small things.

What are small things?

Are there great or small things?

Is not everything of equal importance?

We have large events in our lives which we always remember. Did not these same large events turn upon some seemingly very trivial thing? We have a day of small things. The next day, perhaps, may come one of the most important occurrences, we say, in our life.

Was not the day of “small things” which preceded of equal importance with the following day, the day of large results?

So all experiences, whether great or small, are of equal importance in the development of character, which is the awakening to spiritual consciousness.

We find out our point of growth in the way in which we meet our difficulties. We feel quite satisfied at night after what we call an easy day. But an easy day does not show us our strength as a hard one does, even if we have not met it as well as we wish that we had. We have had a certain satisfaction in our mental gymnastics, and feel refreshed from having used some muscles that do not come into play on “easy days.”

It is recognition, and not time, that is needed to perfect a cure.

When I use the word “cure,” I mean not only of disease, but unhappiness, uncongenial surroundings, financial difficulties and all inharmonious conditions.

It is strange, but we always have thought of “heaven” as a place where there is no time.

Time has always belonged to this world, as we say. Now we believe that “heaven” is here and now, that “heaven” is within; and yet we must have time — which we have always said was not in heaven — to get out of our difficulties.

We talk about time, and it is really to cover up our indolence.

We always waited for time to get results from medicine. So we wait for a time before realizing health. We consider conservatism a good thing, and that is always slow. It is an indication of wisdom to ponder over a matter before deciding.

Is it? Can we imagine God as taking time to arrive at conclusions? Does a person of intuitional perception take time to reason or think? No: true knowing is understanding; it is recognition. Let us wake up, and rid ourselves of these old ideas. Let us give the spiritual of us opportunity to come to the surface. Let us make the opportunity by knowing that we are spiritual, and expect the promptings and guidance of the spirit within. Let us know once and for all that our lack is in “recognition.”

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