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Sense of Separateness

Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears. Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness. Before the voice can speak, it must have lost the power to wound.
—Light on the Path

This quotation interpreted means this: Before the eyes can see,—that is, before we see spiritually,—we must be incapable of tears. To be incapable of tears is to have reached through spiritual awakenment a place or rather an attitude of mind where we are unselfish, absolutely. Tears indicate a thought of pity for self. “Before the ear can hear.” Here, again, we cannot hear or perceive spiritually until we have lost all sensitiveness; for sensitiveness is always selfishness. “Before the voice can speak.” So we cannot speak spiritually, which is truthfully, if we can wound. We must have lost entirely all desire to criticize or to find fault with another. It seems that we must forget self absolutely and live in the universal before we reach this stage in development. People think they are spiritually awakened, and yet they are capable of tears. They are sensitive, and they still have the power to wound. Truth never wounds: it is the way we speak it that offends. Then, if we can offend, have we the voice of truth? It is feeling that we are a little in advance of some and a long way in advance of others that offends. For if we do not say it in words, we breathe it forth unconsciously, and it is felt.

Kill out all sense of separateness. —Light on the Path

This is the most difficult thing to do when we first enter upon this new line of thought. But it must be done before we can progress spiritually. Society makes grades of respectability. The highest grade in a certain city embraces only four hundred. Think of the multitude of poor wretches outside. But are we outside? Does not each one of us have the divinity within? Does not that alone make us all equal? We all have the privilege of recognizing this divinity or not, as we choose. But it is there just the same, and we must realize it and acknowledge it some time. Appeal to the divine in any individual, and he will always respond. I have never known it to fail. Now we not only feel this “separateness” in regard to people, but also in regard to what we call God, or law. This is really the cause of all our difficulties. God is something outside, and we feel at times far away. When we begin to realize that God, or law, is within as well as without, we feel nearer to it. As we become more conscious of this, the sense of “separateness” grows less and less, not only from God, but from people as well. We also realize the unity of this universe, and know that there is no duality. That we are all one with God, or law. That there is no “separateness,” This is the gospel of love.
It brings health, happiness, and prosperity.

This is the result of living,—”love thy neighbor as thyself.” We are not told to love them even better, but as well. “Love is the fulfilling [carrying out] of the law.”

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