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All our fears are needless, and not one single human hope, expectation, or aspiration, is half great enough or good enough or bold enough.
—Edwin Arnold

As I teach and treat, and have larger experiences which come to me in this work, I have less theory in regard to the subject and no clearly defined method. I find the one thing needful is to learn how to open ourselves to the spiritual. It is educating ourselves to turn from the personal to the individual.

If we are seeking to educate ourselves in languages, music, or mathematics, we know that it is absolutely necessary to have certain hours for study. We know that we shall not make much, if any, progress, if we pick up a few moments haphazard for thought and study on our particular line, although we may have a great desire to become proficient. Suppose we gave as much attention to growing ourselves spiritually as we do to making money, making our clothing, keeping our homes, and living in conventional ways. We do not yet realize that the most important thing is to develop, or rather to become conscious of, the spiritual man. When we have done this, all else follows.

I mean just this: Now we spend so much of our time in fearing; and, as a result of this fear, we are obliged to spend our energies upon useless lines. We are so bound by the personal that with almost every thought that is to result in action a fear-thought accompanies the starting thought. For instance, we make up our minds to do a certain thing. Thoughts of expectation, aspiration, and delight make us happy; and we are conscious of a fullness of life and satisfaction. This is almost instantly followed by doubts and fears; and we begin to reconsider, always on the negative side, until joy and happiness begin to fade away, and, if we, after all, return to our first plan, we find that the life of it is gone. Do you not see that, if we cultivate and educate this personal until we are conscious at all times that the real man is the spiritual man, this it is that will remove all our fears? and, if the fears are removed, then shall we draw to ourselves all things needed.

Why spend so much time in acquiring what is of so little real value? Why not simplify our lives and our tastes? Why need so much bric-i-brac in our homes and ornamentation in our dress, when the essence of all things is simplicity? When we see in a flower not only the flower, but much more than the flower, — when we have the real flower, we do not need the painted one, no matter how perfect an imitation it may be. When we realize the real man, we gave up caring for the personal man. We cannot expect too much or aspire too much or be too great, too glad, or too bold. Let us give up being pygmies, and unfold the divine within.

Be still, and know that I am God. — Bible

The reason we fear is because we realize that the personal is limited as long as we do not understand the spiritual. When we “know God” even to a small degree, we begin to remove the limitations of the personal; and, as we “grow in grace,” the limitations become less and less. In order to become conscious of this God-part, we must “be still.” In other words, quiet the personal, get away from the external in every possible way.

We do a great many things mechanically, after we have learned how. I do not mean to be careless of the comforts of others, but do the external living as a secondary matter, and not as the most important. Spiritual things are the necessaries of life. Get another point of view.

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