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Letting Go

If you have lost youth and happiness, let go. If friends have proved false and ungrateful, let go. If you look back upon your life's journey with regrets, let go.
—F. B. Dowd

If we watch people for one day, we shall find that everyone is either trying “to get” or to “hold on” to things. With the business man all effort is put forth in getting. Ministers preach “to get” converts to their creed. Teachers teach “to get” followers to their belief. Mothers desire “to get” everything for the improvement and good of their children.

Children are educated, a getting of the ideas of other minds. The whole world seems bent on “getting.”

What does it all mean, this eternal and everlasting “getting”?

Just this: that we look for everything outside of ourselves. This tells the whole story,—seeking and never being satisfied, holding on tight if we succeed in deluding ourselves with the idea that we have got anything. We have looked outside for health, happiness, prosperity, heaven, and God. We have expected to draw them to us, and therefore must “hold on” to them.

What is this gospel of “letting go”? When we feel sure of a thing,—that we really possess it,—we “let go.” There is never any effort needed to hold on to a thing that is really ours.

Do we try to hold on to youth and happiness? to friends, love, life, wealth, if they are really ours? No, we are so sure of them that we “let go.”

“Letting go” is an opening up, a receptive condition of mind. If you are wealthy, you can “let go,” and spiritual wealth will pour in upon you. If you are poor, you can “let go,” and the same spiritual wealth will flood you. This proves that opulence is spiritual; for we can be rich when poor, and poor when rich. “Let go,” no matter what comes. It is not resisting. Jesus said, “Resist not evil.” And of course we would not resist good. So “letting go” is a gospel of non-resistance. Let us practice it, and see what it will bring.

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