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We take it to be the work of one who studies philosophy to bring his will into harmony with events, so that none of the things which happen may happen against our inclination nor those which do not happen be desired by us.
— Epictetus

When we have settled this point, we are never disappointed. It is our unwillingness to accept conditions that makes the inharmony, and not the conditions themselves. Will is the controlling power of man. First we have a motive: then the will accomplishes what we desire. We wish to become a musician. We realize that there are certain things we must learn in technique. We get them clearly in mind, and then the will exerts itself in practice; and we finally, after continued practice or willing in the right direction, find we have accomplished that for which we aimed or desired. But we must have a motive first, and then will to do it. So you can take up any profession, study, or trade. You first and always must have a motive, and then the will operates to accomplish that which is desired. If we do not like our work, it is harder to bring our will into harmony with it. We have reached that point where our motives should always be right. Then we can will fearlessly.

There is really but one will, and that is divine. That which is not in harmony with the divine is willfulness, not will, and belongs only to the rational mind. Will belongs to soul, and is the controlling power Realizing the will in ourselves gives us perfect freedom. We gain control of self through will.

It is only as a man puts off from himself all external support, and stands alone, that I see him to be strong and to prevail. — Emerson

We all need help at first; but our aim should be to “stand erect, and not be kept erect by others.” I have said that we must practice. We can practice in a wrong” direction as well as in a right one. We say we cannot concentrate upon anything. Yet everyone who has come to me for help has been doing nothing else for years than concentrating, but in the wrong direction. They have concentrated upon fear, resentment, jealousy, anger, and inharmony of every kind. The result is sickness and unhappiness of every kind. No one seems to enjoy these conditions. Then why hold on to them? If we have brought upon ourselves these inharmonious conditions by wrong concentration, let us begin at once to work in a right direction. Let us will to concentrate upon freedom, love, charity, and that “all is good.” If we will be as diligent in concentration in the future in the right direction as we have been in the past in the wrong one, we shall see a vast improvement in a short time. Will to be well, will to be happy, will to succeed, will to live to your best, will to help others.

Will — concentrate in the right direction. All power is within yourself. I no longer fear that evil can enter my life, that health can fail me or strength leave me. I will concentrate upon harmonious thoughts. Will grows, or is realized, by what it feeds upon. All its tendencies are strengthened by exercise.

Man is what he really wills. His whole being is nothing else but the ultimate product of a will acting in him, — not imaginary will, but of the real will, which is one and divine.

Learn to look within for all help. In our moments of greatest anguish no one can help us. Then we realize that we must stand alone with God, — realize the divinity within ourselves and rise to our highest conception of truth. Listen to the “still, small voice,” and be guided by it, letting love pervade all we think and do. Let us live to our best every moment. Let us concentrate upon harmonious thoughts.

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Katharine H. Newcomb

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