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Every man is a divinity in disguise, — a god playing the fool.
— Emerson

If we stop and think for a moment of our own actions for one day, we shall see that we all of us play the fool. Not one day passes without our doing so. I wish that each of us on rising in the morning would resolve that he would remove all limitations in thought and action for just one day. Be perfectly fearless just for one day. Be perfectly tranquil just for one day. Be perfectly loving just for one day. Be a god just for one day.

We know better than we do. We do not yet possess ourselves. — Emerson

How true this is! We get glimmers of our real selves occasionally. We realize for a moment that “all things are possible” to us. We feel large, as if we had expanded. The complaints and discouragements of our friends seem trivial. Our own disagreeable conditions are as nothing to us. We feel that we can never again fall to that plain where we shall be troubled. But we do. Why? Because “we do not possess ourselves,” but are possessed by a thought of self, which shows us all life from a wrong standpoint.

If a man have found his center, the Deity will shine through him, — through all the disguises of ignorance, of ungenial temperament, of unfavorable circumstance. — Emerson

Can we not always tell when a person has found his spiritual center? There is a tranquility, a repose, a breeziness about him. You feel that the air he breathes is more invigorating than the atmosphere in which most people live, — dense and compact. There is a certain unlimited air about him, — an air of the open plains or mountain tops, an exhilaration which lifts you up and out of all your difficulties, and makes you know that you yourself are superior to and master of all conditions that heretofore seemed to master you. The “Deity” will “shine through” each one of us, if we will let it have its way. Do not be afraid to trust that higher nature which is leading you on. We cannot trust too much. We gain absolutely nothing until we do trust. It is pathetic, in a way, to see people who are really afraid to let go of the old self and trust the inner leading of the soul. They still cling to the intellect and externals, fearing the intuition and the inner life, really fearing the God within as if it were the devil. Faith develops: doubt kills.

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