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The height of the pinnacle is determined by the breadth of the base.

We readily understand what this means when a column of granite like Bunker Hill Monument is raised, also when large buildings are erected. We cannot put poor material into our foundations. We must have them of the best material; and, the higher the building or shaft, the broader must be the foundation. What do we mean by this when we come to the building of character? Can we expect to raise, develop, a strong and noble character with a foundation of selfishness, anger, pride, and resentfulness? Yet we seem to think we can; and, moreover, we try to do so. “The height of the pinnacle is determined by the breadth of the base.” Then the first thing to which we must attend is the base, for that determines the height. In order to develop spiritually, we must have principles for the base or foundation of character. With principles as a foundation, we can rise to any height. We are not limited; for our foundation is broad, is universal. It is truth, it is God.

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Katharine H. Newcomb

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