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I will fear no evil.
— David

In metaphysics we do not recognize evil as a reality. We think of evil as ignorance; for we believe only in one power, which is God, or Good. Then evil to our minds is the different conditions of development through which we pass, and the evil is as necessary to our development as what we call good. Every round in the ladder of evolution is important, and cannot be skipped in our upward climb. We all have times when we fall down a step, or maybe it seems as if we had gone to the very bottom of our ladder. We must not be discouraged or condemn ourselves, but begin to mount again. I think one of our stumbling-blocks is our desire to grow. Let us grow as the flowers grow, unconsciously, without thought of development. I have been asked to account for evil. Why did it come into our lives? I will make a suggestion which may appeal to you. The old idea of the “fall of man” is not satisfactory to us in the old interpretation; for what is considered retrogression by the orthodox I consider a rising step ii our ladder of evolution. The suggestion is this we work unconsciously, getting lessons through various experiences, until we reach a place when we come into a consciousness that we are thinking and responsible beings. Some of us have come very lately into the consciousness that we and we alone, are entirely responsible, and re quire no mediator. Now we have reached a point of intelligence where we know right from wrong through our reasoning faculties. This is the point in evolution where egotism comes in and blinds us. We begin to fill our consciousness with error, we cover our spiritual I am with our little, egotistical I, and make for ourselves years — yes, ages, — of inharmony, until, through experience after experience, we at last come to a faint realizing sense of the spiritual self, the I am, the God-part of man. The animal creation, lower than man, is working without a consciousness of the I am. But it is in the process of evolution, and will come in time to a consciousness of the God-part, as we have done. Evil comes in at the point in transition where we step from the unconscious to the conscious, reasoning state.

It is the point where we realize (without reasoning, perhaps) our individuality for the first time. Then egotism or ignorance begins to rule until we come into a consciousness of the I am or God-part. A child takes the reins as he sits on his father's knee, and thinks he drives; but the father's hands are back of the childish ones, and really do the guiding. So with us. The little I thinks it governs; but back of it is the law, which guides and leads us until we recognize it, and rejoice in having found it.

For within you is the light of the world. If you are unable to perceive it within you, it is useless to look for it elsewhere. It is beyond you, because, when you reach it, you have lost yourself. It is unattainable, because it forever recedes. You will enter the light, but you will never touch the flame. — Light on the Path

This light is the I am: the flame is God.

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Katharine H. Newcomb

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