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My yoke is easy, and my burden is light. —Bible

The thing that impresses one the most in the study of metaphysics is the great effort that people make in applying the principle to daily living. Great effort in action denotes a fear in regard to strength in carrying out our desire. If we are confident, knowing that we are equal to the occasion, we make no effort. All comes easily and naturally. It is always when we feel ourselves unequal to the task that we make things hard for ourselves.

The first thing to be settled is to make up our minds, before beginning anything, whether we have ability or not for the work, or whether we have ability, we might also say, to meet undesired lessons,—trials of every-day living, etc. We often say impulsively, “Oh, I could never do that,” or “I could never bear such a trial.” Is it in accord with our sense of justice to feel that some are better equipped than ourselves? Let us make a covenant of confidence with ourselves today that will last for all coming years,—that we have the very same possibilities that all mankind possess. There are no gifts. What we see in another that we do not yet externalize is still within ourselves to realize or unfold.

Know you that this universe is for nothing else than to succeed in. — George E. Burnell

We should never forget this. When we get discouraged with repeated trying, we should affirm this over and over again. Never talk of failure in anything. Failure is unthinkable. God knows no failure: then we, as souls, cannot know any.

I notice that people always say, “I will try,” but in such a way that you are made to feel as if success was rather doubtful. They seem to think it is modest, and not so egotistical as to say, “I can and I will “do my very best. As we take this attitude of mind, we find ourselves unfolding spiritually far more rapidly than when we take the half-hearted position of “I’ll try.” And, really, this position is the egotistical one, for we are thinking of the personal self: whereas, if we turn all thought to the real, or soul part, we can affirm truly that “all things are possible” to us. Then is the “yoke easy” and the “burden light.” Then do we realize that this “universe is for nothing else than to succeed in.” Put the word “failure” out of your vocabulary. Put in the word ''success” in large letters. Say it over and over again. It has a good vibration. You will never succeed to the vibration of the word “failure.” “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

This is the truth that metaphysics teaches: By renewing our minds do we grow or unfold spiritually. I am success, for I am one with God; and God knows no failure.

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