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A man who desires to live must eat his food himself, —this is the simple law of nature, which applies also to the higher life. A man who would live and act in it cannot be fed like a babe with a spoon. He must eat for himself.
— Light on the Path

We all know that we cannot eat for another. We would consider it very foolish if some friend should ask us to do it. We would realize at once that, if we ate the food, it would nourish us, and not nourish him. We would call the man unbalanced or an imbecile to expect it of us. However, when it comes to spiritual things, this is just about what some people attempt. They insist that they are very much interested in metaphysics, that they desire very much to live this “higher life,” so called; but, really, they have so much to do, it is simply impossible to get time to think about these things. “Now you who have studied and thought, tell me all about it,” “fill me up”; as one lady said to me, “I am quite willing.” In other words, I am to do her eating of spiritual food; and then, strange to say, she expects the nourishment. It is impossible, as you see at once. We must feed ourselves, and not “be fed like a babe with a spoon.”

The truth is that faith is an enormous power, which, in fact, can accomplish all things. For it is the covenant or engagement between man's divine part and his lesser self. — Light on the Path

I wonder how many really believe this. It is a tremendous statement: it almost staggers us. Some people pride themselves on a lack of faith: some pride themselves on their amount of faith. The former think it indicates a narrow, unthinking mind, and that faith is a blind trust in something intangible; that a practical, reasoning person, with “horse sense,” knows too much to have faith. Faith is not a blind trusting.

“Faith is an enormous power, which can accomplish all things. For it is the covenant or engagement between man's divine part and his lesser self.” How do we know this? What is it that teaches us anything? We say our minds. Is it? Our minds make the suggestion, then the other element, faith, comes in; and we have accomplished what mind suggested. Then it is faith that accomplishes all things, is it not? In learning to walk, in learning to eat, in singing, in business, in everything we do, faith, a willingness to make the effort, does the work. And, the more faith, the more are we satisfied with the result; for “according to thy faith be it unto thee.” Faith is necessary in every undertaking in life. We are so accustomed to having faith along certain lines that we never question it, — in fact, do not think about it; for it has become a part of us. But, when we think of gaining health, happiness, or prosperity by faith, that seems a great undertaking and quite marvelous, simply because we have not been accustomed to think of faith in this connection. It is along newer lines. We are growing to the point where it will seem quite as natural.

We cannot have too much faith. Cultivate faith, — faith in every direction.

With faith all things are possible.

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Katharine H. Newcomb

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