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Important Epoch Changes

The Epoch
The Light of Reason

Founded by James Allen, 1902
Editor Mrs. James Allen

Vol. XX. September 1918 No. 9

Will readers kindly notice that after September 1st the address of the Editor will be 86 Temple Fortune Lane, Hendon, London, N. Do not address any letters to Ilfracombe, as it will only mean a delay of several posts. Kindly address always as follows,—Mrs. James Allen, 86, Temple Fortune Lane, Hendon, London, N.

After long consideration, and very deliberate thought, I have responded to the call of the Spirit to commence work in London in connection with The Epoch and The James Allen Library. I was approached by more than one movement to do public work for them, and to take pulpits in various churches. For some time I felt that these calls were the call of the spirit to "Active Service" and was much inclined to respond, indeed, was really most willing to respond. But each time these things were brought up, and opportunities seemed opening, something occurred to prevent. Something would intervene and put a stop to it. One night when in deep meditation in the Silence, waiting for the guidance of the Divine, I had a vision. I saw a great work, called after the Founder of The Epoch and the writer of those wonderful books known as The James Allen Library. The vision was so clear, so unmistakable, I, there and then, offered myself to God to carry it out in every detail. I know that this was the real call; that the James Allen Library and Rest Rooms, Lecture Hall and Class Rooms were already established on the higher planes, and that I must not be disobedient unto the heavenly vision, but at once begin to prepare myself for the work. Day after day, and night I have kept the Vision before me. At first I hesitated, thinking that the undertaking was so immense, the scale upon which the vision revealed the work to me was so gigantic, I trembled to think how it was going to be carried out. Gradually I learned, through meditation, that He who had called to the work, and had given the vision, could also provide for His own idea. "It is God that worketh in you to WILL, and to DO," came the message; and later on, over and over again, "Go Forward, Go Forward!" Events rapidly shaped themselves, and with a suddenness at last that was almost overwhelming, I had to "Go Forward" according to the oft repeated command. I learned in the silence that I must make a start, that all things would in time be carried out. I have therefore commenced the work, and I am sure my readers everywhere will send me their strongest thoughts for success and blessing. The time calls for more than the written word. The urge to tell the message of the Larger Life, the Abundant Life, was, and is strong within me. The James Allen books are increasing in influence and power. The world is stretching out eager hands for them. Their teaching is needed today as never before. They contain the message for the age. I have engaged the Steinway Hall for Sunday afternoons, and will speak there each Sunday at three o'clock. The grand organ will be played, and a bright and attractive service will be arranged for each Sunday.

The order of the Service will be given to each one as they enter the Hall. There will be a collection at each service to defray expenses, and in this way l hope all my readers will do their best to help me. There will be weeknight classes for the study of James Allen’s teaching, of the Higher Life of Success, Happiness, Fullness, and Beauty. Those who wish to join those classes should write at once to me for particulars, terms, &c., &c. Classes will also be carried out by correspondence, so that those readers who are not near London may have the opportunity of also sharing in the benefit of the movement. Type-written sheets of subject matter for study; questions to be answered, and Meditations for the Silence will be sent weekly to all those who join the Correspondence Classes. All this is the beginning of the work that must grow and grow in power and influence until the vision I had in the Silence is complete in all its fullness. Dear Epoch readers will you give me the help of your kind thought and sympathy in this work? I am sure you will. Those of you who cannot be present with us at the Steinway Hall on Sunday afternoons can help much by spending a short time in earnest thought for the success and power of the message. There are starving hearts waiting for the Bread of Life. There are cramped souls, souls shut up within a narrow limitation who do not know that the fullness of the Abundant Life is for them, and for them Now. They are waiting to be told the glad tidings of the limitless abundance of the Spirit. The LIFE or BEAUTY is for all, but all have not found the way into it. I want to show them the way. The life of liberty is for all who will enter in to it, but thousands have not found the Door, so blinded are they by worn-out dogmas and ancient race beliefs. I want to remove the ignorance and blindness, and give out to such the message—the glorious message of Liberty, Joy, Purity, Beauty, Unfailing Energy, Strength and all that belongs to the REAL man—the REAL woman. We are not the poor weak worms of the earth that our fathers thought we were. No, we are Omnipotent. "Said I not unto you that ye are gods." Let us enter into the fullness of God, and take now, as our divine right, the life abundant in which "all these things are added."

Such is to be the foundation of the teaching of the James Allen Movement. It is to be a message of Strength, Hope joy, Purity, Life, Beauty, Energy; and it is a message for ALL, no matter of what age, nationality, creed, religion, or position in life.

I need helpers. Will any reader in London who is willing to act as a Steward in the Hall, or to sing solos, or to play the organ, or to distribute notices, or to take the bookstall if necessary, or do anything to help, please write to me.

My daughter and Miss F. E. Hayes, (whose poems so many have enjoyed) will be with me in this work, and will be glad to give any information, or answer any questions at the bookstall after the service.

I shall be glad if Epoch readers will give me an opportunity of becoming acquainted with them after the services.

There are many of them yet unknown to me, and I look forward with great pleasure to meeting them.

I shall be glad to send leaflets advertising the meetings to any reader who will write for them. Make the most of every one so that each leaflet may bring someone to the Hall.

Through love to light! Oh, wonderful the way
That leads from darkness to the perfect day!
From darkness and from sorrow of the night
To morning that comes singing o’er the sea.
Through love to light! Through light, O God, to Thee,
Who art the Love of Love, The Eternal Light of Light.
—Richard Watson Gelder

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Lily L. Allen

  • Born on December 30th, 1867 at Burrishoole, Eire
  • Wife of author James Allen
  • Wrote many books of her own

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