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Friendship (Poem)

Thy friendship! What it means to me
Nor pen, nor tongue can ever say:
Its fragrance makes the shadows flee,
And brightens every gloomy day.

Its fruit in kindly thought is seen
Poured out in letters breathing love,
Producing happiness serene,
Which must its perfect value prove.

How precious is this gift Divine!
Which brings such fragrance to my life.
Inspiring me with purpose hue,
And soothing in the midst of strife,

It holds me in a gladsome thrall,
Surrounds me with a Holy Love,
Supports me lest I weary fall,
And lifts me to fair realms above.

It cools the sting of ill desire,
And saves from thoughts that might bring shame,
It burns—a cleansing sacred fire,
Consuming all my dross in flame.

And by its wonder-working charm
It holds me free from thoughts of fear,
Tho’ dangers come and ills that harm,
While all around is dark and drear.

Unworthy of the joy you give,
I revel in its gracious flow,
And strive more worthily to live,
My deepest gratitude to show.

I long to give thee in return,
Friendship as pure and strong as thine,
That in our hearts-as-one may burn
The glowing fire of Love Divine.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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