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Why Do I Fail? (Answered) (Poem)

When l would lift my soul to highest heaven
That state of bliss so rich, so full, so free;
Where errors are forgotten and forgiven
And love alone reigns thro’ eternity:

When I would strain as doth the seed soil-fettered
To pierce the earth and heaven’s sweet breeze inhale,
Why is it vain?—I fall again unbettered,
And hopes once more are crushed.—Why do I fail?

Soul, ’tis because when fired with aspiration,
To cleave the skies, and use your strength alone;
To human means you give your concentration,
Not heeding how the Father seeks His own.

Know then that God Himself desires your presence
Within the realms of pure celestial light:
And longs to raise you with magnetic essence,
As sunshine draws the seed up with its might.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

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