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True Happiness (Poem)

As there is sorrow not expressed in tears,
And anguish dumb caused by elusive fears,
So there is happiness, strong and sublime
Which cannot find expression here in time.
Too deep for words; Too tranquil for a smile;
Rooted in being free from subtle guile—
A spirit fair, it dwells in the unseen,
The potent energy of joy serene,
'Tis inclination tempered by control*
A tranquil passion trembling in the soul—
Contentment satisfying pure desire
Which radiant gleams as from a quenchless tire,
Actions and words can ne’er declare its worth
Altho' in hearts of love it has its birth.

A man may seem to be a dreary slave
Of hidden sorrow darker than the grave;
But this, perceived by those of shallow mind
May hide real joy which earnest seekers find.
Behind the shadows of earth—life concealed
A glory is to thoughtful men revealed—
The happiness of sharing human grief
By cultivating thought which gives relief
To men of weary heart and stricken soul—
A balm which makes the wounded spirit whole.
If we would see the purpose Real and True
We needs must cultivate a clearer view;
And learn to judge not by what may appear;
But by that view of Truth which thought makes clear.

A man of sorrow subjected to grief
Inspires the world with forms of high belief,
And thro' His sorrow shows the worth of joy
Purged of all dross, and marred by no alloy;
For happiness is won thro' sacrifice—
Pain, grief, and sorrow contribute its price,
Its Holy impulse comes to those who spurn
The baser pleasures which in passions burn.
It links life to the Infinite above,
In essence one with the eternal Love;
And tho' it seeks to save men from their woe
It cannot in the world its beauty show,
Because the nature of its lovely mood
By shallow minds is never understood.


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Herbert E. E. Hayes

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