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Together (Poem)

I said "Life holds at least one perfect joy,
A melody earth’s discords cannot quell,
A rainbow light athwart the darkest cloud—
We are together, therefore all is well."

Then suddenly the music broke and ceased,
The rainbow faded, joy as swiftly fled,
For we were parted; "Can it be," I cried,
"That I am living and my darling dead?"

As dawn breaks slowly through the blackest night,
And spring creeps softly o’er the frozen earth,
So in the void of silence where I dwelt,
A deeper knowledge came at last to birth.

"O! poor sad heart that suffers being bIind,"
(Thus my Beloved inly spake to me),
"What you call death is more abundant life,
Intenser joy, and larger liberty."

"Proclaim this truth to all who mourn and weep,
No power can sever those whose love is true;
Though, bound in flesh, you may not feel us near,
We are at hand to help and counsel you.

Therefore I say ‘Love is life's perfect joy,
A harmony death’s discord may not quell,
A radiance undimmed by earth-born clouds,
We are together; shall not all be well?’"


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Margaret E. Ford

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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