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Restfulness (Poem)

Be not anxious! The sweet lily grows
In calm, untroubled grandeur of repose;
Her glorious raiment is not won by toil.
Her purity no touch of earth can soil.

Be not anxious, nor consume thy life
In following after wealth, with pain and strife.
Thine own shall come, but not with care and fret;
Thou shalt possess the whole, be patient yet.

Be not anxious! Like the lily grow,
In purity of heart and tender trust.
So shalt thy vesture with a beauty glow
That comes not to the garments trailed in dust.

The Father knoweth, and all needful things,
All lovely things of true and good renown
He will bestow. How poor the wealth of Kings,
To him whose brow is decked with such a crown!

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