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Those who know the ways of angels, as the Hindus say, the devas, tell us they give much joyful activity in the framing of great plans and schemes for the various phases of the mighty evolving that is always going on everywhere in our busy solar system. And we know from the sages of most ancient times that God continually geometrizes. The Grand Architect is ever before the trestle-board and is ever conceiving and making to grow greater and more perfect His divine plan. No doubt the great angels are only imitating Him. And the angels or spirits-of-nature of lower orders make models or moulds for single objects or growing things. Flowers have their moulds or chayas held over them in which to grow, and the nature spirits hover about to aid the fitting into the mould. For it is true that the lower life reflects the higher.

But the reflection is imperfect. The agents of God who fill the moulds lack plentitude of power and skill. That is because they are themselves evolving—they are not yet grown up; they are in the youth of their evolving.

Why should not men (and of course the women and children) join in perfecting this reflection? God needs all His workers in the lower realms to aid Him. And this is truly divine work. It has in it the creative element of divinity.

And where begin? You can begin by making good thoughts about your friends, about all people, about the world. But there is definite work to do as well as that general work of thought and feeling which we might call the maintenance of a philanthropic and optimistic attitude.

Keep thought-forms of purity, of wholeness, of greater magnitude, power and grace about your protégées. Do not think that a child of your acquaintance is a bad child: he would tend to grow into that image and become a reprobate. You can have your own opinion about the child’s conduct. But think of the child as a good child apart from his conduct, which can be modified and improved.

We must hope that the nations will not too much make thoughts of hatred about each other during this war-period. All those thoughts must be accounted for; some will be destroyed, but some will make moulds for the casting of life into historic facts of the future. The cruelties and brutalities of the present will become the cruelties and brutalities of the future age if we do not transmute the evil force with the power of our own skillfully directed, powerful thought. Those who learn to make and to use these models will find their powers growing with great rapidity, so that they can progressively perform greater and worthier deeds.


Saw I this:
Who slowly kills, by words, or cruel looks,
Or thoughts unfair, or thoughts by hate projected,
Is as much murderer as is the one
Who does so with a bludgeon.
Adair Welcker

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W. V-H.

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