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Love's Memories (Poem)

Let us wander by the fountain where the water lilies grow,
Where the noisy ducks are splashing and the swans move to and fro.
Let us wander where as children we once so happy played,
To the pathway where our friendship in sweet innocence was made.

Here is the spot so hallowed where once we used to meet,
With its quiet restful arbor and the happy rustic seat;
By the same old twisted elm tree, home of many a crawling rook,
And the ivy-covered bower where we made our lovers’ nook.

How often here I watched you and your eyes of wondrous blue,
As you fed with broken biscuit those birds of snowy hue,
And clapped your hands in pleasure as you laughed into my eyes,
How these memories I treasure as time so swiftly flies.

I can see your line hair gleaming in the sunshine’s gracious kiss,
Think of how it set me dreaming as I reveled in love's bliss.
’Twas a foretaste sweet of Heaven in those days of long ago,
Which to me was freely given where the water lilies grow.

Now the years are swiftly flying and as I older grow,
My heart is filled with sighing as the ebbing waters flow.
My footsteps soon will falter, which were ever firm and strong,
When led by Love’s sweet halter thro’ those hours of happy song.

But as we happy wander in age, dear, side by side,
Our love shall yet grow fonder, and all gloomy thoughts we’ll hide,
For Love like ours is endless, transcending change of time,
Growing each year more peerless, and its pleasure more sublime.

We will not waste time in weeping when the end of life draws near,
For death is but a sleeping—a rest we need not fear—
We shall rise upon the morrow to join a glorious song
In freedom from all sorrow and the stress and strain of wrong.

By the fountain let us wander in the twilight’s gentle glow,
In memory to ponder as the evening shadows show,
While the nightingale is singing in the stillness of the trees.
And the vesper bells’ sweet ringing is borne out upon the breeze.

And when the moon is shining we will wander home again:
Your arms in love entwining me-the happiest of men:
And our thoughts shall rise in gladness to the Lord of life above,
Who transforms our human sadness to the sweetness fair of Love.

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Herbert E. E. Hayes

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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